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Zatanna Chloroformed - 2014

I created this piece because Zatanna is one of my favorite heroines, and I've always wanted to see her get a proper chloroform scene.  Given that her magical powers are voice activated, using chloroform on her seems to be obvious - it prevents her from speaking and knocks her out!  I'm waiting for this to get manifested in a real comic.

Until then, we will just have to settle with this version I made.  For many of my pieces, I like to do a little background research on the characters.  So I found this Zatanna villain named Brother Night, and decided to use him for this.  He looks a little creepy, and honestly, I don't think I did that great a job on him.  I'm really happy with how Zatanna turned out though - the hair, eyes and clothing are nicely colored.  

And hey, I'm starting to add backgrounds now!   A good background can really change the mood of the piece.  
I used a stock photograph for that part. I kind of rushed it (you can see lots of bad brush strokes), but it gets the job done. 

Another thing I changed was my technique for coloring hair.  I took care in shading each strand; as a result, it looks a lot less "chaotic" and smoother.

Comments and faves welcome!


Line art: Zatanna Chloroformed By Brother Night [line 2] by sleepy-comics 
Tools used: DAZ3D for posing. Photoshop CS3 for line art and coloring.
Costume reference:
Background: I used this stock image:…
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It's time to sleep ;)

Love how helpless Zatanna looks as she's being chloroformed! This could be part of a story in which the villain has captured Wonder Woman and chained her bracelets before chaining her to a chair and Zatanna is trying to rescue her. Zatanna: "Wonder Woman! Are you alright?" Wonder Woman: "I'm fine, Zatanna! Just...terribly weak...!" Zatanna: "I know! Your bracelets have obviously been chained by a man! I'll have you free in a minute! Sniahc laff tra-MMMPHH!!!" Villain: "There will be no magic from you today, Zatanna!" Zatanna: MMMPHH! MMMMPHH!!" Villain: "Just relax and breath in the chloroform!" Zatanna: "MMMPHH!! Mmmphh! Mmmm....!"
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I love this old piece of mine. There was some magic I was able to capture. Thanks for the short story!
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I like those boots she's wearing :3 
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Zatanna in thigh high boots makes me happy!
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heheh, yes!! me too :D
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Excellent! Love it!
Absolutely love the art and the dark shading and the descriptions, shading reminds me of the old comic books and how they used to be so cheap and the inking was so light and than comics started costing a lot more and they used the more expensive paper and of course the darker shading that went with it....sigh!
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Thanks! I use fewer and fewer lines in my final pieces now.  If you see my older works, they had really thick lines. Now I rely more on coloring and shading. 
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Hi, I love all your pictures and was wondering if you ever thought of writing a SMALL scene to go with the pictures?
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"Chloroform!", Zatanna cried in her mind.  The damp cloth, that had appeared seemingly out of nowhere, was now firmly covering her nose and mouth.  Zatanna had been following the clues closely, and it led her to the old abandoned chapel.  Brother Night was waiting for her - the evidence was laid out perfectly to lead her to this trap.  

She had already inhaled some of the fumes from the surprise trap, and Zatanna knew she had only a few moments before she would lose consciousness.  "MMMPH!" - her muffled screams stopped short by the thick cloth.  Without the ability to speak her magic spells, Zatanna lost all her power.  Another breath went in, and her eye lids grew heavier.  She heard a coarse voice whisper in her right ear: "Sleep now Zatanna...the blood sacrifice awaits..."
Zatanna couldn't finish her thought before a deep sleep overcame her.
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Very effective.
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I definitely loves your chloroformed heroines piece!

And this one is another great piece to add to the collection!

Marvelous work, once again.
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Thanks deep-world.  I've been browsing your gallery, and I feel like making another bondage piece for my fans.
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You're welcome.

And yes, it's safe to say that it would awesome! :D
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Okay I know this is getting to sound old but its true....this is your best one yet!

I love the pose, how Zee's eyes seem to be just moments away from starting to droop, and how we can see all of her lovely form. Detail in the whole of the picture as well its just awesome SC!
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Oh I was so excited to post this piece, because I knew people would love it.

I sometimes miss my old style of art, where everything looked more "cartoony", but I don't intend on reverting back to that.  Every piece from now on is going to be better than the last one.  There's always some small improvement I can make.  And I hope you can spend a few minutes admiring the details! 
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I liked your earlier work too and I loved both styles. This is a great piece and I can think one of my DA buddies who will really like ;) 

(Cough :icongundam20012005: cough )
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Sigh, it's true, he knows me way too well ;)  Great piece, Zatanna looks so amazing in this pic :)
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Thanks, glad you like it!
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