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Supergirl vs. Metallo

Character  Supergirl
Metallo is this cyborg villain that frequently appears as a foe of Superman.  His main feature is a piece of Kryptonite in his chest, serving as a power source.

I had a great idea to depict Supergirl in a classic unconscious pose, in Metallo's arms.

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She looks so serene.

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Sexy and Fascinating~:heart:

Supergirl should wear top, like the 2005 comics.

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I really love Kara's pose and expresion, she is completely out. That kryptonite will make sure she does not awaken while Metallo is holding her.
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Loved this one when you first did it SC.

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only one word to describe............. e x c e l l e n t !!!

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While I have a personal preference for Kara's classic "blouse and hotpants" costume, this is a magnificent scene. The slack features (gorgeous even in unconsciousness :-) ) and the effect of gravity on her hair and skirt (frequently overlooked) are terrific touches. Well done!

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Thanks, and I'm glad you noticed those little details. I'm very detail oriented with my pieces.

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You draw perfect DC Superheroines dude, and this Supergirl is no different, it's a perfect defeat pose :)

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Really appreciate the comment!

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now to take her home

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Metallo is a well-designed villain, and was used well in the animated film version of Superman/Batman: Public Enemies.

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In the limited times I've seen Metallo on screen he seems to match up nicely with Superman, always giving Superman a tough fight. I figured Supergirl would be a little easier for Metallo to snag!

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