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Supergirl 'Many Happy Returns' Art

It's been nearly two months without art, but I am back!  I felt inspired after flipping through my old pieces.  I thought to myself, "wow, I have improved a lot!"  
Some notes:
*  This is a basic rendition of a scene from the "Many Happy Returns" story, where Linda Danver's KO's Kara Zor El with a punch.  
*  I wanted to put more effort into coloring this.  It came out better than I expected.  Details are important!
*  For coloring this, I learned how to blend colors better in Photoshop.  It gives the piece a softer and more realistic finish.

Hope you like it!
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"...can't I stay?"
620brown's avatar
Love the image, do you do requested images?
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No time for requests now sorry!
620brown's avatar
What about commissions?
sleepy-comics's avatar
Same issue. Not enough time!
620brown's avatar
OK, love your stuff though.
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Gorgeous! Both of the girls costumes look really amazing, great detail on them. You have improved indeed
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Yeah after seeing art at this quality, I don't think I can go back to simple cel shading.  This feels like leveling up in real life.
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I wonder how she went out :) Great work, one of your best I think.
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It was a punch ko 
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Hats off to you :clap: :clap: :clap:
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Exceptional work! - beautiful homage! +fav Heart :) (Smile) 
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Now this is a classic... well done.
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Great draw. I like it.
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This is a fantastic piece!
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Great pic, I loved this miniseries.  What's better than two beautiful Supergirl's getting into trouble together.  Such a sad ending though :(
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What happened in the end?
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The modern day SG had to knock out the older SG and send her back to her proper timeline otherwise it would have been the end of their reality.  The older SG whispers semi unconsciously if she can stay with her.  It's such a tear jerker but a great ending. 

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