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Supergirl Electrocuted

This piece depicts Supergirl and Livewire, from the DC Animated Universe.  Supergirl is being carried unconscious, after being electrocuted by Livewire.

Work in Progress
Supergirl Unconscious With Livewire [line Art] by sleepy-comics  Supergirl Unconscious With Livewire [flat Colors] by sleepy-comics 
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It had blacked out half of Metropolis, but Livewire had managed to knock out Supergirl. She had no idea where Superman was, but if he was anywhere around, he would have shown up by now. "Might as well take her back to my place, and wait for Luthor to call. He promised me big money for her." Livewire carjacked an SUV, throwing Supergirl on the back seat, and made her way to her hideout, an apartment building in Suicide Slum. The streets were in chaos; the massive power outage leading to widespread looting. The cops were so busy, Titano The Super-Ape could have climbed the Daily Planet building, and they wouldn't have cared. Livewire carried Supergirl into her hideout, and laid her on the bed. "Might as well have a little fun while I'm waiting..."

Whatever Supergirl's costume was made of, it was tough. Livewire had broken three pairs of scissors trying to cut that little white T-shirt off, only to give up and just pull it over her head. Her white bra covered a pair of cute little breasts with pretty pink nipples. Anything more than a handful was wasted, or a mouthful for that matter. She looked so cute an innocent lying there, that Livewire had to stop and kiss each nipple, taking a little more time to sniff her hairless underarms. "I never realized she was so small. Wonder how old she is. Oh, well. NMFP." Supergirl wore blue spanky pants under her short blue skirt, and once she got them off, she found out that the Super-carpet did indeed match the Super-drapes. Livewire giggled when she discovered that Supergirl trimmed her pussy hair in the shape of an "S", and wondered what the hell she trimmed it with, and who got to see it. Legs splayed wide apart, Supergirl whimpered when Livewire's tongue touched the outer lips of her pussy, making small jolts of electricity crackle. Right about then, someone crashed through the skylight.

"GET AWAY FROM HER!" Hawkgirl streaked across the room, mace in hand. She would probably have brained Livewire except for the fact that Livewire's powers were electrical, and Hawkgirl's mace conducted electricity. As soon as the mace struck Livewire's electrical force field, Hawkgirl cried out in pain and went flying across the room, crashing through a wall. Then Wonder Woman dropped through the roof, making a thudding sound as she landed on the floor. "Oh. well. If I can take down a Kryptonian, I should be able to take down an Amazon." A bolt of lightning surged from Livewire hand toward the Amazon princess, only to be deflected by Wonder Woman's bracelets. While Livewire was trying to figure how a metal bracelet could deflect lightning, a recovered Hawkgirl knocked her out with a wooden coffee table...

"Where am I?" Supergirl woke up on a hospital bed, Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl standing over her, concerned looks on their faces. Diana pulled the sheet back up, covering Supergirl's breasts. "Relax; you're going to be all right. Livewire almost killed you, but she's in Belle Reve now. J'Onn removed certain memories from her mind; things about you. "I have to get back out there..." Wonder Woman placed her hand on Supergirl's shoulder, holding her down with the strength of Heracles. "You need to get some rest, young lady. The rest of the league can hold down the fort for a while. While you're recuperating, you can study the League's computer files; for instance learn about various supervillains can do. But right now, get some rest, Kara." Beautiful blue eyes twinkling, Wonder Woman kissed Supergirl on the cheek...

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You take requests?

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It was electric.

Coitadinha da Supergirl o que será que a Livewire vai fazer com ela. Já posso até imaginar algo como quente.

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I've heard of putting one's lights out, but Livewire takes it all too literally.  :wow:
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One of your best works!
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If I had to pick the sexiest villain of the DC universe...ooh. It'd be a cross between Catwoman and Livewire - but since Catwoman is more of an anti-hero than anything, it would definitely be Livewire. 
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Livewire and Supergirl are fun to draw!
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A wonderful pic my friend
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Very sexy carry. I really like this version of the SG costume
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Can super girl wake up in time to fight back?
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I've imagined this happening to WW too...
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One of my fav villainesses and my favorite heroine. While I like her later DCAU look, this is an awesome piece. Livewire really seems to have taken the fight out of Supergirl. 
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Thanks, knew you would like this. 
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:) reading my mind SC? lol 
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