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Starfire Knocked Out and Carried

Decided to use some free time I had to draw one final piece before 2017 ends.  What an amazing year!  I finished lots of great art pieces, and made a big improvement to  I'm excited for what 2018 has in store.  I hope to continue producing fun pieces of damsel in distress art!

This drawing depicts Starfire from the Teen Titans, unconscious in the arms of her sister Blackfire.  

======== Work in Progress ========
Starfire Unconscious Arm Carry [line Art] by sleepy-comics  Starfire Unconscious Arm Carry [flat Colors] by sleepy-comics 
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She looks so peaceful and bliss asleep like that
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My favorite episode when it aired. Wished they would have showed more of Blackfire.
But hey, it's nice to see Blackfire finally "abduct" her sister Starfire. =)
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I don’t remember any KO in the episode.  I think there was a decent bondage scene.
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Her right arm seems a bit too short. Otherwise, quite good.
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Nice observation. It’s likely due to the perspective I used.
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She looks very sexy in that cradle.  Always liked this TV Teen Titans costumed version of Starfire :)
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Thanks! I should draw Starfire more. All her costumes are really sexy!
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I was just looking back at some of your early work, and was just loving your progression as an artist. You were always good, but it's awesome to see how amazing your work has become. It gives me hope that one day I could be as good as you. Thanks for your work and for your inspiration. 
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Funny: I was also looking at my past works and following my progression.  It's quite humbling to look at, so thanks for noticing!
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wake up starfire, the titans need you
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Haha!  She'll be asleep for a long time!
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At least she is in the caring arms of her big and bigger breasted sister.
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