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Spy: Knocked out and tied up

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I love this piece. It as inspired by a KO scene I found in a manga, where a sexy female spy gets hit with a tranquilizer dart (Amazing Agent Luna vol. 3 I believe). She wakes up only to find her self bound and gagged.
My rendition is a little different, and 100x better. In mine the spy is hit with a tranquilizer dart. She doesn't wake up. She's kept sedated with chloroform (of course).

She kind of looks like Black Canary.

I used a couple old comic covers as references. I just used them for the body poses. I drew all the hair, clothes and paraphernalia. The amazing thing is I did this all on the computer. Didn't have to touch a pencil.

You can download a larger version. Enjoy!
Sources: Startling Comics #48 (Frame 2)
Jo-Jo Congo King #25 (Frame 4)
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Nice expression of the female spy in the moment of hit by the dart! (Her rear would also be a worthy target... ;-) )
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Thisis really great :love:
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A blowgun is a nice choice of weapons.
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This is very Hot!!
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I wanted to just pick something for a fave so I could write you a note. I am a long-time fan of your sleepy comics site (I need to check out zingart, I see), and I really do love this particular 'graphic' approach you take with your narrative art sometimes. My videos get criticized in some quarters for having no dialog, but it's like these pictures of yours - dialog isn't what I'm interested in. I'm interested in the image, and the sequence, so that's what I concentrate on.
Thanks for all your sleepy work...
steve noir
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Thanks for the comment. I'm glad you like my work, although this piece was sort of a traced/hacked up job I did. I think I can do much better now.
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Maybe. But I remember the first time I saw one of your compositions like that, with that deceptively simple "storytelling" style that is so graphic. It's not the draftsmanship - it's the creativity.
steve noir
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You did a great job on this. Love it. She has a terrific body, especially the legs and yes she does look somewhat like Black Canary.
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I know see what you meant to say in your journal :) Good job!
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Very commendable...
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Truly amazing work.
PS...dont you have the tranq dart scene to post on your website (im a fan).
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No, I couldn't get a scan of it because I am too cheap to buy the book. I will describe it and perhaps you can look for it. It's from the manga Amazing Agent Luna.
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Great pic, i'm looking forward to seeing some more
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Thanks! Glad your liking it.
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Fantastic pic!
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I'm loving this alot!
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She should've known this could happen. Nice work.
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That is amazing! What excellent work you've done!
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