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Space Ace Rescues Kimberly

'Space Ace' is a classic video game designed by animator Don Bluth.  The game features hero 'Ace' rescuing his sidekick Kimberly, who is the prototypical damsel in distress.   Kimberly is a sexy redhead, who wears a skimpy dress and boots!

My drawing was inspired by this comic scene:


==== Alternate OTM gag ====
Space Ace Kimberly Peril - Otm Gag by sleepy-comics 

==== Work in Progress ====
Space Ace Kimberly Peril [line Art 2] by sleepy-comics  Space Ace Kimberly Peril [flat Colors] by sleepy-comics 

Those who are fans of my work can now support me through Patreon:
Patrons will get access to some cool exclusive sleepy/bondage content.  Thanks in advance!  
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Remember always wanting to see Kimberly and Daphne from Dragon's Lair tied up
An-Old-Otaku's avatar
Never liked the game that much but I loved the damsel!  :love:
I would love to see Kimberly get hit with a sleepy ray in some various scenes
member9's avatar
Kimberly is such a cutie.
sleepy-comics's avatar
lovely classic waifu.
Evil-Doppelganger's avatar
LOVED this game ... would have loved it even more if this scene had been in it!
gundam20012005's avatar
Quiet the sexy damsel in distress
RedWolf5207's avatar
Any chance you'll consider drawing a DiD scene for Princess Daphne (Dragon's Lair) next?

I think you'll like these other examples too:

Super Don Quix-Ote (1984 Universal):

Esh's Aurunmilla (1983 Funai_Gakken):

sleepy-comics's avatar
Those are some cool examples.  Sindy is cute!  I’ll think about it.
RedWolf5207's avatar
I'm glad you liked them
Damselbinder's avatar
An unexpected gem! I'd never known how much I'd wanted to see Kimberly get properly tied up before!
sleepy-comics's avatar
Yeah, Don Bluth seemed to have a thing for cute girls in distress.  Sad this trope is so rare now!
Damselbinder's avatar
Well, that's what DA is for!
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