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Sailor Mercury - Chloroformed by Rei

Poor Sailor Mercury, always getting chloroformed in my drawings!  

This fun piece was commissioned by :iconkenoscope: . It features Sailor Mercury getting put to sleep by a jealous Rei, who wants Ami for herself!  Queen Beryl looks through her crystal ball in astonishment at the scene unfolding!

Update (4/29/2018): In an effort to improve, I'm interested in hearing some critiques on this piece.  Thanks!

====== Work in Progress ======

Rei Hino Chloroformed Sailor Mercury [line Art] by sleepy-comics  Rei Hino Chloroformed Sailor Mercury [colors 1] by sleepy-comics 

* crane pattern taken from:…
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Ami is like: "Rei! I would understand you doing it on Usagi, but on me?!"

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Really Cute Scene

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Mercury needs some muscle in those limbs
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And that could happen. Excellent picture, but still bad for Sailor Mercury.
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Can't say she saw that coming.
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Very nice work 
wonder what story is
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Read Kenoscopes comment. 
so whats the update looks the same
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Thanks, and I notice you are a long time watcher. 
so whats updated
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I have really enjoyed your art. It is amazing!
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Do you like the bondage art better or the Sleepy/chloro art?
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That's a tough question, you do such a great job on both. I like both, maybe bondage just a little more.  
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Another exllcent work
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Maybe if she beefed up those skinny arms she could escape
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Here is the background story on this commission, spoiler alert it may ruin some of your favorite childhood memories;

You know how it goes, your living a quiet life as a Miko then this crazy talking black cat pops up and the next thing you know your fighting monsters from another world following the orders of some bubble headed blond. Then SHE shows up, that blue haired your perfect soul mate but this bubble headed blond keeps trying to get you and your friends killed, maybe the blond WANTS to be captured and turned into someone playtoy.

Time passes, you reach nineteen and have to make a choice, continue following that self centered idiot or accept the position as a servant of the Emperor, a true Priestess and the choice is easy, it is what you have been reaching for as long as you can remember. Still though becoming a Priestess and sworn servant of the Emperor places you SO HIGH above that black hearted Queen Beryl and the Negaforce she serves it means leaving your heart behind. Then one day SHE comes to your temple, begging you to return because 'Bubblehead' has vanished, Beryl never was interested in the Sailor Scouts after all, only their blond leader.

You have known for a long time that Ami has been in love with you as well, fire and water, they don't mix yet when they do... Ami would never leave that blond, unless she were personally defeated and placed under the rule of another so quietly you retrieve some cleaning supplies, soon the blue and white suited scout is laying softly against your chest, her eyes closed, her breathing soft and gently. Strange that even when she understood what was happening she never lifted a finger in her own defense.

Then what better way to rule someone than to marry her? Right???

Meanwhile Queen Beryl is staring into her massive crystal ball in complete disbelief, she had accepted that Sailor Mars was out of her reach but the sweet highly intelligent Sailor Mercury as well? With such a simple trap? Looking down at the chained Sailor Moon Beryl smiled with an evil twist to her lips. "Now why didn't I think of something so simple" she asked the gagged blond, noting the odd look of excitement in those eyes where nothing but pain and despair should be. "Not that it matters, without you none of the rest are important, welcome to my playroom little girl."

Late that night Ami woke in a soft luxurious bed, no ropes, no chains, just a simple ring on one finger that told her all that she needed to know. Let the blond to her fate, Ami embraced her own fate with open arms, arms that wrapped around a warm body waiting for her.

Yeah, this one was YEARS in the making. Original art by; Concept by myself, characters copyright... hell, when did people like DiZney ever care about Japanese Copyrights right Simba?

And thus ended the battle between two ancient kingdoms from a different reality.
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My waifu Rei putting Sailor Mercury into peril?  This is one of the best pictures ive ever seen in my life :)
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Thanks for the great compliment.  This drawing is quite popular today, 61 faves already!
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You deserve the praise on this one dude :)
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