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Lady Blackhawk Chloroformed

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Wow! What a drawing. Well, technically it's a revision of the cover of Blackhawk #133. I modified it to make it look like Lady Blackhawk is getting chloroformed. I think it's freaking awesome.
I used Photoshop to do the entire piece. Line art took about 3 hours, and coloring+shading another 3 hours (note: this was the first time I ever used Adobe Photoshop).

Sleep peacefully Lady Blackhawk!
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This is still one of my favorite images from your early days, but I'd love to see you tackle it again with your current skills. :)
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I see she "knows" what to DO with her hands in that position!
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Nice work, she need be quiet. :)
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I like the style here
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Very nice!! Love the comments in the bubble! Nice blue outfit too!
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Gotta love the old art styles. He manages to look the perfect gentleman, regardless of what he's going.
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Simply awesome, man.

More plz! ;)
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Love your sleepy comics site

Your are invited to my site that references you

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That\'s some damn fine colouring - looks like it came out of the comic itself!
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the cover was a good one, nice edit
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Hey, that\'s a great pic!
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