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La Seine No Hoshi - Chloroformed!

I finally have a new piece to show!  I started producing this on June 10th, but got busy (with work, life, blah blah).  Finally had a chance to finish coloring it this weekend.  Absolutely loved how this turned out.  Even after not making art for like 5 months, it's like I haven't lost the skill!

So, there's obviously an anachronism in this piece.  Simone (the heroine of the story), is a girl who lives during the French Revolution.  Chloroform wasn't invented until the mid 1800's.  Just pretend it existed back then!

Simone as La Seine no Hoshi always beats the bad guys.  In this fantasy piece, one of the bad guys is clever enough to sneak up behind and place a chloroform soaked over her nose and mouth! Simone's swordsmanship is no match for the sleepy fumes, and she falls into a deep sleep.  The aristocrats have one this round, and the red masked heroine is not able to save French citizens from suffering.  

Bad guy is based on this cel image:…
The background was taken from this image:…
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This is such a great illustration and this character has a wonderful design. It's a shame she's from a show that's so old. I really like the description too. Tough luck for Simone this time. Off to a deep sleep.

Is Simone a character yo invented?

I have a particularity interest in fictional characters who are set during the French Revolution, to the ones written by Eugene Sue and Alexandre Dumas, to the Scarlet Pimpernel, to Lady Oscar.
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No it's from an old anime
I'll have to find it.
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Love Chloroform Art.
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How come I hadn't seen this yet? Masterpiece!
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Glad you found it! Sorry didn't draw her boots. 
BatMad's avatar
Ah ah well, you're then entitled to complain for all the chloro scenes that I did NOT draw :-D
Yet ;)
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woa woa,  its amazing 
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Great work! She has no choice and must fall unconscious...
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Great image!

Don't worry about  the apparent anachronism. One of the Cadfael TV movies (which are set in the 12th century) had a young woman sedated with a cloth soaked in hemlock, so there's always an historically accurate way to knock a damsel out regardless of the timeframe. :thumbsup:

If anyone's interested, the episode in question is The Holy Thief.
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Thanks for the scene alert.  Reminds me of an even older chloroform scene set in Ancient Egypt (Princess of the Nile):
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Almost posted this on the french revolution celebration day. (Bastille Day) :D

This pic is awesome!
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Wow totally didn't know that. This looks like an awesome French holiday. It's kind of like July 4 in America.
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Yes it's a quite similar celebration.
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I like how you emphasized her curves.
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Nice piece, looks like she will be away for the rest of the war I think hehe
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I hope she escapes her predicament.  Really wish the anime would have had some DiD scenes with her!
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This looks AWESOME
sleepy-comics's avatar
Very happy that you enjoy this Hug 
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