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Batgirl and Zatanna Captured!

Catwoman was first able to capture Zatanna.  Zatanna was bound to a chair and gagged.  Batgirl finds Zatanna and comes to rescue her, but Catwoman has other plans!  Catwoman chloroforms Batgirl, rendering her unconscious.  

This scene was inspired by Batman the Animated Series, and the Femforce 119 cover!

Line art and colors.

Catwoman Chloroforming Batgirl With Zatanna Line A by sleepy-comics  Catwoman Chloroforming Batgirl With Zatanna [color by sleepy-comics 
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Do you have any more catwoman art of this kind?

Catwoman has Zatanna chairtied in her fishnets and OTM gagged as bait as Batgirl comes to make the save in her tight gray bodysuit and is chloroformed by the villainess in her tight gray bodysuit for her troubles

Poor Zatanna, helplessly bound and gagged and used as bait in a trap. All she can do is shake her head no and moan nnnoommmmmfh! into her gag. And like a good heroine Batgirl pays no heed what so ever. 
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Another great chloroform!
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Zatanna is strangely turned on by the situation.
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What happens next?
Batgirl: "MMMPHHH!!!" Catwoman: "Welcome, Batgirl!" Batgirl: "MMMMPHHH!!!" Catwoman: "You walked inyo my trap-just like I knew you would!" Batgirl: "MMMPHHH!!! MMmmpp! Zatanna! Help!! Zatanna: "Mmmff!!" Catwoman: "Don't expect any help from Zatanna, Batgirl! She's bound to that chair and gagged! And when she cannot speak, her magic is useless!" Batgirl: "Mmmphh...! Mmmm..."
Batgirl: "Zatanna! Thank Heaven I found you!" Zatanna: "Mmff! Mmmff!!" Batgirl: "I know, Zatanna! When you're bound and gagged like this, your magic is useless! I'll cut you loose with my bat kni-MMMPHH!!!" Catwoman: "Breath normally, Batgirl!" Batgirl: "MMMPHH!! MMMPHH!!!" Catwoman: "Keep breathing in the chloroform!" Batgirl: MMMPHH! Mmmphh...! Mmmmm..." Catwoman: The chloroform will keep Batgirl unconcious long enough for me to tie her up and remove her utility belt so that she cannot escape! isn't it funny, Zatanna? Batgirl thought she was going to save you, but she can't even save herself!"
Batgirl: "Zatanna! Thank Heaven I found you!" Zatanna: "Mmmphh! Mmmphh!!" Batgirl: "I'll cut you you loose with my bat kni-MMMPHH!!!" Catwoman: "Relax, Batgirl! Breath in the chloroform!" Batgirl: "MMMPHH!! MMMMPHHH!!! Mmmphh! Mmmm..."
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A classic set up! Love it ^^
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Kitty has her toys now so she can play.
That's REALLY Nice!
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I love it!  Catwoman does look a little distracted, though.  :)
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Dr. Evil (my male side) takes Zatanna prisoner in his dungeon permanently! Muwaahhaaaa
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Really nice versions of Catwoman and Batgirl :) Yes, the Animated outfits are some of the best. I especially like how the black gloves and grey suit go together :)
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Go to sleep batbabe...
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Nice job ! The expression of Batgirl is nice, drugged and fading away.
About Catwoman, thanks to have draw the suit of my favourite version of her. That serie was my favourite !
Great work man !
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Wonderful x 3  :)
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Beautiful stuff! That Femforce 119 cover deserves all the tributes it can get!
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