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Historia - ground plan brushes

22 historical ground plan brushes made in PS CS2. The file includes the .png images - all are pretty big, most over 1000px. I intentionally left the images somewhat grainy, so no razor-sharp lines here.

No rules, just don't redistribute it as yours, please.

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What a great idea!
I can see this one as a great texture in any graphic.
It also reminds me of the intricate pathways on an electronic circuit board. Love the patterns.

Well done Betti :love:
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Thank you! :love: :glomp:
I'm crazy about circuit boards! (Even though I'm pretty stupid with physics. :laughing:) I also like these floor plans, but I don't think I have an architect's eyes, can't really build it before my mind's eye, seeing the plan. But I enjoy looking at them, especially if I know the building.
The idea wasn't mine, though, I was asked to make this set and I thought I'd share it here, too.
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Very original danke :D