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Ancient Pines

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Present for a friend. This necklace is made of aventurine beads, moss agate and rock crystal chips, size 15 dark green seed beads and white glass seed beads.

Title from Loreena McKennitt. [link]

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Oh wow, this is stunning!
And real rocks too!

Very very beautiful. :faint:
A gorgeous gift.

I'm intrigued with how you got the beads around the dark green rock (which rock is that?)

Well done Betti. And again the way you present it is sublime.

And thanks for making me cry :cries:
The haunting voice of Loreena McKennitt and the amazing photos of dead trees, truly moving.
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Thank you - as always, your praise means a lot to me.:hug:

Aww, I didn't want to make you cry! I knew you'd like that video and the song, though. Those dead trees reminded me of your painting. And the song is really beautiful.

The round bead in the center is the aventurine. I stitched through the big bead with fishing line and beaded it round with the sead beads with peyote stitch (you'll get a closer look at something like that! :giggle:). There were four rows and I stitched through each middle bead and fixed the moss agate chips with another seed bead, then stitched through the next one. I'm not sure I can really describe properly, but it's actually pretty simple, if not very easy to do.
(I wasn't entirely satisfied with the end result as a whole, but I really like the flower-like green things. And they look so much better in real life.)
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Thanks Betti, I think you explained it very well. I've not tried that technique, seen it done in the magazines but not with chips of stone, more common with the seed beads around the polished stone.

Not too sure whats not to be happy about???
I think its beautiful.




Sorry, felt the need for a little :spam: :giggle:
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Ooooh, what a delicious spam! :hungry::giggle: I want my spamming mojo back. Where's my spamming muse...? :tears:

I love working with mineral chips, they make everything a little... I don't know, messy. :laughing: Thank you for the favourite, too! :glomp:
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Simply gorgeous.
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