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Tutorial: The Witchblade

So, here is my attemp for a Witchblade tutorial! I hope I was able to tell you all what´s important for the glove. (I apologize for my english, it's not my strength°^^)

Thanks for watching!

Witchblade/Sara Pezzini (c) Top Cow and assoc.
Costume made and worn by me.
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@___@ me really wanna do dis DX
Like extremely bad. haha
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artistlooknew's avatar long did it take to make just the glove?
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I needed one week to finish the glove.
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well that is cool

do you have just a few other pieces done?
I love this! I want to make the body costume for halloween (bra, shoulder guards, thighs, legs, pelvic area )

My questions.
Does the latex milk make the plaster easy to move? like a glove?

For the silver hot glue pieces, did you just put layers of hot glue on the paper cut outs? how did you get the glue to unstick from the paper (this is the step i didnt understand.)

For the parts on my body i want to mold, can i just use saran wrap?

And again AWESOME job!!!!
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Im going to try this! even tho im a guy n.n''
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The most perfect I'd ever seen... congrats awesome cosplay (witchblade)...
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Holy shit!
Great work!
Der absolute Wahnsinn. Super gemacht :3
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Oh, and while I'm asking questions, how did you get the latex off without ripping it? Does it just peel up the length of the cast like any other glove? I would just hate to screw it up at that stage of the game.

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I'm sorry for kept you waiting^^

I'm really excited to hear, that you used my tutorial for your own Witchblade!

Now to the tricky part of the latex:
The latex-milk that I used is from a hobby-shop, especially for designing of relief moulds. It's white, runny and a little stinky in his liquid form.
I covered my plaster-arm with a paintbrush. (For the Blade I don't think that I need a really smooth surface) One layer, drying, next layer, drying...with a hair-dryer you can reduce waiting time. After three layers I let it completly drying. I hang the glove up for this. That cost me some days, then I started to brush it again with Latex-milk (that's the point where you can see, on which parts of the glove the latex is too thin) This game I repeated once again. That's the chapter that needed the most time. I needed for this more than a week.

When you let the Latex really dry, it isn't gluey. So you can peel it slowly from the plaster. At the wrist I had a little problems and killed my plaster-arm, because the plaster broke.

And the tipp from Larethiana is truly helpful, if you mixed for the last layers acrylic-colors with Latex. The color is nice and more flexible.

I hope I could help you! And good luck for your next steps!
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Hey, your tutorial is great, and I'm actually partway through putting it together. I just have a few questions about how you constructed it. The plaster cast of my arm was easy enough, but the latex is the tricky part. I got liquid latex from the hardware store (that's all I was able to locate, and it's the kind we usually use for costuming), but it's very runny. How did you put the latex on? With a paintbrush, layer by layer, or am I missing something?

About how long did it take you to do the latex all total? I'm trying to figure out if I'm supposed to let it dry before doing another layer, or if I should just keep layering it on and hoping it will stick. Your help would be HUGELY appreciated!
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you can mix acrylic paint with latex.... but only if the paint is metallic pigment free. it's the best way to keep the color on latex. (maybe you already knew that)

Thank a lot for the tutorial anyway! ^^
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Thank you for the tip!
I used this already for a sword I am working on and it's really the best way to use latex and paint together.
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sweetness, awesome finished look!

isn't it too hard to put it on?
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Thank you!!
I made the experience, that it is helpful to apply a cream, before I put the glove on.
Through the beginning I didn't used anything, but the burden if I drew it up, let the color cracking. With cream I preserve the glove for a longer life ;D
Sorry for my english, I hope, I used the word "cream" in the right direction O__O...if you know, what I meant...
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Thank you for sharing this
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That's too nice from you all! Thanks a lot~
Love the tutorial! I've got plans to cosplay a few skyscrapers, and I imagine some of the techniques you describe here might work for doing the headdresses and assorted armour bits. Great job!
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I absolutely love this! I'd never thought to make a cast of this before, but you make it all sound so simple. I'd love to try this sometime.

By the way, your English is lovely. :)
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This... Is fantastic. I have wanted to make a Sara Pezzini costume for ages, but how to construct the blade itself has eluded me. So, thank you times a billion for this! Fantasticakky useful :D
NouStudio's avatar

Foiled by a Touch screen tablet keyboard yet again!
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