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A plushie commission for :iconpurplekecleon: as a gift for :iconlexyeevee:

He's a grand total of 3 feet tall and 3 feet wide (6 if arms are fully extended).

Caldera belongs to :iconpmd-explorers:
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Love the colors!
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wowowow awesome!
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this is so fuckin incredible irl omg

you are king plushweaver


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i want pics of you guiz hugging

for uh

research purposes
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great job! this is my favorite pokemon
Torotiel's avatar
Wow really nice work :D
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Nice work ST!
Spkmw's avatar
I dont like it...I LOVE it 8D

It is somehow...hypnotizing. Can't get my eyes off *-*
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Omg! Wow! :o
I'd never thought I'd see Chandelure plushie.
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Wow that is cool. Nice work!

Pikazxyz101's avatar
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you'll have to fight lexy for it.
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It looks great! Very nice!
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awesome! keep it up!
Pikachu-And-Umbreon's avatar
That is so awesome! Nice work!
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