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Inktober day 21 by Sleepingseeker Inktober day 21 :iconsleepingseeker:Sleepingseeker 7 2 Comfort by Sleepingseeker Comfort :iconsleepingseeker:Sleepingseeker 69 9 Leo OOTS by Sleepingseeker Leo OOTS :iconsleepingseeker:Sleepingseeker 21 3 Birthday Surprise by Sleepingseeker Birthday Surprise :iconsleepingseeker:Sleepingseeker 61 11 Galra-Keith by Sleepingseeker Galra-Keith :iconsleepingseeker:Sleepingseeker 23 1 Being Space Dad isn't always easy by Sleepingseeker Being Space Dad isn't always easy :iconsleepingseeker:Sleepingseeker 9 2
Bad Dreams, Worse Fortunes
Yes. I’m in Voltron hell - and it burns so good.
Rated K+ Summary: As it's said, 'The past is never done with us', whether it is a past as close as yesterday or one 10,000 years ago. What haunts dreams and keeps peace at bay brings two weary heroes together for a moment of delicate, fleeting bonding over a warm, comforting cup. Hints of burgeoning ShiroxAllura. 
Friendship/Humor/Romance(very light) - Words: 1,986 

“I have always believed, and I still believe, that whatever good or bad fortune may come our way we can always give it meaning and transform it into something of value.”
― Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha
Bad Dreams, Worse Fortunes
He wandered down the twisting hallway of the castle. Tiny guide lights glowed in soft violet tones as he approached, only to dim as he passed, leaving a tunnel of darkness behind him. He stepped quietly, not really wanting to wake anyone and make
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Theme 001: Beginnings by Sleepingseeker Theme 001: Beginnings :iconsleepingseeker:Sleepingseeker 10 6 Allura's Memory by Sleepingseeker Allura's Memory :iconsleepingseeker:Sleepingseeker 19 11 Spacedad and Grumpasaurus by Sleepingseeker Spacedad and Grumpasaurus :iconsleepingseeker:Sleepingseeker 13 0
Plumbing Issues
Set in the Love's Incipience series. 
Summary: For Leonardo, knowing his brothers like the back of his hand can sometimes be a curse. 
Humor. One shot. Rated T for innuendo - all you readers and your dirty minds. For shame! ;’D
Plumbing Issues
He thought he knew everything about his brothers. Was sure of it; never a betting turtle, still, Leonardo would have wagered his priceless katana on the fact that he did. That he could recognize by the slightest shift in the air when any one of them might be disappointed, angry, or sad.
Over the years, he'd mastered the art of reading and understanding their body language. Through quiet observation and careful study, he memorized his family's unspoken communication. The tip of a chin, a quirk of the lip, the dip of a forehead, the crease of a brow, the flick of a tail, told him what words couldn't convey.
The flash in Raph's eye: a challenge.
The storm cloud in Donnie's: some unfathomable frustration.
The bright, man
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Show Me by Sleepingseeker
Mature content
Show Me :iconsleepingseeker:Sleepingseeker 45 25
Ascension - Ch 2 - Surviving
"Even in times of trauma, we try to maintain a sense of normality until we no longer can. That, my friends, is called surviving. Not healing. We never become whole again ... we are survivors.
... those of us who have made it thru hell and are still standing? We bear a different name: warriors." -Lori Goodwin
Chapter 2 - Surviving
Leonardo sat the pillow up, fluffing it vigorously before easing back on his heels, satisfied.
"While I appreciate the gesture," Master Splinter said, speaking above his shoulder and giving him a start, "I am fully capable of making my own bed."
Leo stood up and bowed deeply so that he missed the soft grin on his sensei's face. "Of course, Master Splinter. I just . . . I-I . . ."
The rat made a dismissive movement with his hand.
His eldest son was the last to allow himself to break free from the temporary dependency his sons had development. Michelangelo had been the first, distracted by the needs of Ice-Cream Kitty and R
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Kinky by Sleepingseeker Kinky :iconsleepingseeker:Sleepingseeker 7 6 Farmhouse Friends by Sleepingseeker Farmhouse Friends :iconsleepingseeker:Sleepingseeker 39 13
2k12 ‘verse.
They've come home. At last. But it's not long before turtle luck is at it again. Donatello needs help, and as the family struggles to find some way to help him, April turns to a desperate solution - one that will put her in terrible danger and ultimately, change her, forever. 
Rated T for cursing and some intense themes.
"Anything can happen: anything. Or nothing. Who can say?
The world, monstrous, is made that way,
and in the end consumes us all." -Brian Evenson, Fugue State
Chapter One
Donatello pressed against the door with splayed fingers. It gave without a sound, without resistance, swinging wide to reveal all to him. He leaned all his weight against the doorjamb and gazed into his lab with a look of a shy lover arriving at the site of an imminent, elicit tryst. With drooping eyes and a sleepy smile, he murmured, "Hello, beautiful."
He straightened and shuffled into the crowde
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Hey readers, friends and followers, I'm sorry to say that I have to go on a writing hiatus.

Hopefully it will be temporary, but I'm not sure at this point. Between real life pressures of raising my kids, family stuff, work, etc. and minimal free time, there's just not enough of me to go around! I'm emotionally and mentally exhausted...I'm just spent!

Listen, this is something I never thought I'd need to do, nor is it something I ever wanted to do, but writing has become a chore wrapped in crushing pressure and loads of guilt. I'm finding my words aren't flowing, but being dragged painfully from me.

It just isn't any fun anymore. I've just been feeling sick over not updating - seriously getting me depressed over it. That's no good. :(

I need to come back to it when it is fun again. And I will. Hopefully that'll be sooner rather than later, but I can make no promises.

I will still be popping in and out of the fandom, because it's a place I love and can escape to, and it's filled with so many wonderful people. And I will still be doing some fanart and participating in the fandom here and there on Tumblr and DA and Stealthystories II.

I  hope I'm not letting you down too much. I debated if I should say anything or not, but after thinking on it, I just couldn't sit back and let you all hang, waiting on updates, wondering why I wasn't writing. I couldn't do that to you.



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