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Dog Anatomy Tutorial 1

I learn best through teaching others, so decided to do a tutorial!

There will be more to come ;)

download to be able to read the text clearer... next time I will try to make it sized better for dA ;)

Dog Anatomy Tutorials:

Part One: Body Parts
Part Two: Breeds
Part Three: Body Positions
Part Four: Emotions Through Posture

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Thanks this is insightful.
chibi-world's avatar
thanks :D Ill study this
SpaceDog500's avatar
it's very helpful. :)
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I can't draw dogs... at all. These tutorials will be very helpful. :D
Sparklepaws33's avatar
ahh thanks so much for this tutorial ;v;
I'm still having trouble with the leg shape, but it still helped c:
ChappyTheKat's avatar
I know you might get this a lot, but this really helps. Thanks a million.
draw1985's avatar
really good tutorial, thank you for share!
Seabit's avatar
Thanks for doing this!

My dogs are... pfft. You get an idea :XD:
Thank you for this! My dog anatomy is horrible right now, so fingers crossed that this will help me. And thanks for being so descriptive in it, just reading it helped me a lot!
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you're very welcome! I am glad I can help :)
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I just used your tutorial. First time I'd ever drawn a dog. Thank you! [link]
SleepingDeadGirl's avatar
Nice, very well done! Love the wrinkles :D
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OkamiiRaiin's avatar
it's so helpful ;-; <3
Tigerstarulz's avatar
Very, very helpful!
PhoebeGemini's avatar
I need your tutorials to draw a puppy. Can I?
SleepingDeadGirl's avatar
The tutorials were made to help people draw dogs ;) You may use it as you wish, as long as you do not redistribute/copy/remove etc. any of the tutorials or claim them as your own. Otherwise, fly at 'er ;)
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nice i have trouble with the back part of the body like hind legs and stuff your Tutorials are very helpful thank you :D
ChachiTonks's avatar
Let me just say, you're amazing <3

I'm only fave-ing this one because I don't want to bombard you with comments and I really /hate/ fave-ing without commenting, but the entire series of dog anatomy tutorials from you is brilliant.
SleepingDeadGirl's avatar
Awe, thank you very much :)
ineedmoarideas's avatar
youre so descriptive with this thanks
pearlshatz's avatar
Very nice tutorial.
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