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.:DGM:. Love + War

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She was the wind, carrying in
All the troubles and fears he for years tried to forget.
He was the fire, restless and wild
And drew her in like a moth to the flame.

HIM - The Funeral of Hearts

First of all, yes. I've changed the lyrics a bit, no need to point that out if you know the song. 8D

Secondly, YES. In 2018 I'm still quoting and listening to HIM, and will forever, because soz my emo age is eternal and I love my tragedies, ok. I'm also aware it's a sad song and I stuck it to a kawaii-ish piece, but I've been D Y I N G to add these lyrics to some CrossTee stuff ever since I've rediscovered HIM several weeks ago due to my depressive moods. I could not wait a moment longer, don't judge me.

Thirdly, YES. It's been an absolute forever since I've done any CrossTee art and I missed them dearly. Also, I'm having bit of a artsy moods lately, so there might be more coming soon, unless I kill my vibe with the few remaining ATs and 9000+ reference sheets I'm yet to do.


Teegan O'Cain (c) me
Cross Marian (c) Katsura Hoshino
D.Gray-Man (c) Katsura Hoshino
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AbcranEvan's avatar
How much do you charge for these, if you do commissions for them of course QAQ
SleepingAyumu's avatar
Aaa it's same price as for digital chibies, tbh there will be a smol charge if you want any animations TvT Plus this is a rather old piece- 
My new pixels look more like this:  .:AoT / SnK:. Higher Coward by SleepingAyumu  
AbcranEvan's avatar
Awesome. How much is a couple?
SleepingAyumu's avatar
SORRY I'm the worst with replies-  It would be 14$ or 14 000 points ♥
karmahitme's avatar
Ahhh! I didn't know you could do pixel art! It's so cute! I adore just how much love you can display, even in a small set of chibis
SleepingAyumu's avatar
It's rare I do it, and I wouldn't classify it as anything good, mainly because of how rarely I do it. I'm glad you like it though, maybe I'll do more in the near future! ♥
Naelyn-Ame's avatar
They're so cute ksqhfjksqhdfksfhjdsd-
* send hearts everywhere*
SleepingAyumu's avatar
;dskfjhdlkfhjlf YOU ARE TOO KIND
*showers kids in hearts*
Aminoob's avatar
THIS IS SO CUTE OMFGGGGGGG Do you do animated pixel commissions??!!
SleepingAyumu's avatar
sjfgjsdjkj THANK YOU BABY CAKES ;-;

I do, yes c:
Aminoob's avatar
Ok when my job starts next month I’m going to hit you up about that 😤
SleepingAyumu's avatar
Ahhh I can't believe you like them this much ;-;
ChibiMerry's avatar
SleepingAyumu's avatar
Thanks hun! :3 
ChibiMerry's avatar
You're welcome ^^
P-INKBLISS's avatar
you make pixel art too? it's so good *v*
the coloring of those both is well done <3
SleepingAyumu's avatar
It is veeeeEEeeery rare I do. :')

Ahh TYSM dear!! ;u; ♥♥♥
VitamineChan's avatar
Awwww so cute !! qq
SleepingAyumu's avatar
Oh mi gosh, thank you so much!! ;u;
manaburst's avatar
Super cute! The shading really makes them pop, I love it.
SleepingAyumu's avatar
Thank you very much!! It means a lot!
AnonBardos's avatar
SleepingAyumu's avatar
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