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.:AT:. May


Although the name of this beautiful precious child has not been confirmed, I remember IreNomine was thinking of calling him May-- and I think that name suits him very well!!

As you might have gathered, it's my part of an AT with IreNomine , who is one of my favourite artists so far!! Look at the incredible•pieces I have received from them prior to the AT! Ngl, those are probably my all time fave arts~

So yes, I was so excited when they offered we have an AT ;-; And then so pressured to do a great job, just the way they did-

Welp, for a change I'm actually pleased with my own piece! It's not as perfect, but I guess it's better than most of my recent stuff-

And yet I know I don't match IreNomine 's brilliance and I just hope they like it!!

May (c) IreNomine 
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I love how smooth the colouring is here and particularly how you did the lighter parts of the green!! How do you go about posing characters when you draw? I tend to always draw mine in the same positions by accident and it sucks lmao
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Aaaa thanks! And I usually depend on references really. I mean some of my poses do repeat so I guess it's inevitable when you draw a lot c:
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So fluffy hair ~~ >w<)/♥
SleepingAyumu's avatar
Yessss, such a fluff ;u; ♥
AyaDrevisMad's avatar
AAAAAAAA BOI VERY VERY CUTENagisa Surprised Icon Mio (Surprised) [V2]  
SleepingAyumu's avatar
Ahh thank you so much!!!
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She's very cute! 
SleepingAyumu's avatar
It's a boy actually, my friend's OC. c: But thanks for a compliment! 
Akame9507's avatar
ohh really,sorry for the misunderstanding! Then he is really cute haha 
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So pretty~ I like the hair~! :heart:
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Thank you very much!!
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You're welcome! :heart:
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aaah baby that's so sweet here! ;u; I really love her soft and shy expression. Also respect for the angle and perspective ;u; you made a perfect job :love:
SleepingAyumu's avatar
Hgnnn, you just flatter me with no end babessss ;-; ♥♥♥ Your words mean so much, considering you're one of my fave artists and dear friends here on dA TuT ♥♥♥ 

Though I must point out it's a guyyyy xD Don't worry, I was very confused myself-
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I like the perspective and the pose! :D Super cute!
SleepingAyumu's avatar
Thank you, precious!! ♥
wallmask3's avatar
aa cute! Nice colors <3
SleepingAyumu's avatar
I just followed the reference really, but thanks! :3
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definitely one of my favorites uwu
SleepingAyumu's avatar
Ahh I'm gladdd!! ;;
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Awww, she is super cute! <3
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