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Obsidian Cursor

I hope you like it.

You need CursorXP to use these, found here [link]
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how to work it? what is the program for run, very interested.
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I dont think the Sleeping Dragon ever sleeps//// :P
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These look pretty awesome.
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very Artistic well done :)
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Another great cursor SD. I grabbed this as soon as I saw it. Great work!! :D
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Thank you, sir. Thank you very much. :)
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"Sir"?? :lol: Your very welcome SD. Your cursors are the only ones I use. :)
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Love the textures, Bill!
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Thank you, Donna. :)
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Great job Bill! I love the style of cursors you make. Keep em up!
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like the form and the texture !!!
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Yay! Excellent cursors SD
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Thank you, Danilo. I appreciate it verrrrrrrryyy much. :)
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you've made some nice cursors in your days my friend, but you have indeed created something very creatvie, usable, and look damn good! if i may make a small suggestion, more of a personal prefference i guess, a smaller text cursor.
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OK, This size seems to fit me well and I do a lot of highlighting. I wonder if it might be a resolution thing. I use 1280 x 1024, but I know when I've downloaded my cursors to a 800 x 600 computer they looked huge. I'll try sizing down the text cursor in the future. Thanks for commenting, MFJ. Glad you like them. :)
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Those are really sharp. Great job! :thumbsup:
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