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Caprisun är bättre än Kool-aid
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Can't live without her <3

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People seemed to like the sketch commissions so I guess I'll offer more.
Ill take 10 slots for warmup sketch commissions, they will include the filter. Please comment with a ref and any expression/pose that you'd prefer. These don't take me long at all so you'll most likely have your commission done the same day you commissioned

Noi by SleepiiFish Sam Commission by SleepiiFish Bunny Commission by SleepiiFish

1. :iconxgalacticxstudios18x: FINISHED
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Saphire Snowbrush 2019 Ref
Full Name: Saphire Eristus SnowBrush 
Alias(s): Saphy, Saph, Tree Sap, Laughy Saphy
Age: 9 Euclids (18 in Equestrian Years)
Species: Unicorn Darkling
Mother: The Red Queen
Father: FrostHoof
Henrietta Fortress(Etta)(F)(Adoptive)
Terrence Le'Navis (M)(Biological)
Klaris Atu (F)(Biological)(Deceased)
Spouse: Smolder Smile(Not Mine)
 Anxious, Angered easily, Shy around new people, Kind hearted to those she loves, sensitive, breaks down easily, Artistic, Playful(around friends)
Dark Magic, Switch between Darkling and Equestrian Form, 
Weaknesses: Extremely Underweight(Malnutrition), Fragile body, Tiny, Blind, Sensitive hearing,
Piggo, Felidae, Bister 
Water, Being touched by unknowns, Nightmares, 
Birthdate: December 30th
LoveStruck Saphire, Saphire Clockbrush, Saphire LoveBrush, Saphire Ghostbrush, Saphire GlitchBrush

As a child, Saphire grew up in the Darkling Kingdom along with her mother and siblings. Saphire never actually met her father as he disappeared before her birth. (He was supposedly killed by Red Queen) After Saphire's eldest sister Klaris died from unknown causes and her brother Terence left for Equestria, she became her mothers prized possession. She was strictly taught to fight and use her magic despite her blindness. A few years later, when Saphire was still a young filly, she was taken by an Equestrian General who mistook her as a kidnapped filly. Unable to find her mother, she was sent to an orphanage where she was avoided and teased for her blindness. Saphire later met Tanner, a fellow orphan who had been sent due to being a snake vampire. Tanner protected Saphire and loved her fiercely. After Tanner saw Saphire near his best friend, who coincidentally had been turned vampire and had died of a disease, he became depressed and angry. He would come home drunk and abuse Saphire out of grief for his friend. Saphire would later on wander the streets and was helped after being robbed by a scientist (Unnamed), after accidentally letting out a subject later named Piggo, he took her left eye and replaced it with a small clock. One day, Saphire fell into a dragon training area and was attacked by a poison dragon. She was nursed back to health by a trainer named Smolder Smile. Smolder fell in love with Saphire and in turn, Saphire did as well. Tanner, who found out resented Smolder and realized his awful mistakes. After failing at an attempt to win Saphire back, he attacked Smolder and tried to kill her, however failed when Saphire interfered. Saphire later found out where she truly lived and was reunited with her mother. Later she met Jay who showed her how to smile more. Soon after the war between Equestria and Vultury was put to a halt, Saphire bore a child with Smolder by the name of Time Bomb who was later killed by Tanner.

Saphire's getting a new ref for 2019 ;) 
Blonde Kurt Cobain
2nd brotha blonde John. This boi buys me Faygo and gives all the love and affection. Man literally ran through cold weather to a mcdonalds to see me after about 6 months of not talking. Spoils me too much smh
Brotherly Love
Got 3 brothers from other mothers. First one is for John, he's basically the brother that gives the tough love. We beat the hell outta each other, insult each other, and he toys with my innocence.
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