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Sumiko struggles to get out of Eden's front sleeper/smother but ends up tapping out seconds before a possible KO!!!

Full clip available at… :-)
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I volunteer to be Eden's Punching bag....

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westcatHobbyist Filmographer
Since no Soccer or Olympics How about a Soccer/hockey style catball rolling catfight?
Tie girls tied together at waist/stomachs belly to belly tight nose to nose.
1- start off in sexy clothes and shoes Dress high heels nylons
Roll around pour water on them nice and soapy cotton dress easy tear
2- can be either time or score limit to fight.
3- They can pull hair
4- NO face scratching, hard biting, no drawing blood, no punch in face
5- Slapping light scratching hair pulling [spitting maybe?] ok
squeezing hugging
6- After five minutes of fighting rolling a bell goes off and they can start to strip each other while fighting rolling.
7- after ten minutes water is thrown or hosed onto them :)
plus they can remove shoes first
8- breaks ok after scoring or mutual agreement.

Very body to body entwined fighting wrestling.
competitive but very sexy

Part two can be a total nude sexfight

Each time score by rolling their combine catball mass into the opposing net, they then have to start on the half of the fight field or floor closer to their own net ... to be fair give other a chance :)
can use hockey nets or soccer nets goals 
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I volunteer to be judge...
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Eden has Sumiko handgagged and pinned down as Sumiko struggles against the strong grasps of Eden before finally relinquishing 
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westcatHobbyist Filmographer
gggggrrrrrrrrrrrrr  love it 


Mature Content

Cute CatFight by westcat
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Hard fought both girls are spent by the end... now that is wonderful
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Oh yeah! this must be very painful!
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I think the girl who taps finish wet because of the girl on top belly to belly and their bodies touching 
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Sumi smothered. Would love to see vid of her fighting and failing to free herself. Love the body on body.
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sumiko  simply cannot match Eden's body.....or the strength she's harnessed within it.....she's to powerful for her....
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all hers ;)
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Please some with Eden as the jobber!
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Belly to belly... very nice! ;-)
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No way was Sumiko going to get Eden off of her. She did try though. :)
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Very hot.
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wooooow Eden's ass is insane
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apwr04Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for the clip. Awesome.
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Have mercy she's really giving it her all #badassery 
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DOAcatfightsHobbyist Digital Artist
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