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Double Cross

Kid Umbra faded into unconsciousness, his girlfriend and teammate Hard Body having already been knocked out.  When the pair awakened, they would belatedly accept that an alliance with Lady Jesta and Grimace was not the wisest decision they ever made.
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Very cool! Clap Giggle 
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Lady Jesta is sexy!
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She was originally the focus point.  Next time she will be.
LaraWearsCatsuits's avatar
Looks like "We all float down here" XD....a killa clown with Latex gloves snuffing out the guy in a, then his gal about to fly to the sky :D. Nice change up....
Joker/Quinn theme with a kick-ass commando team....:rofl:....knocked out team....:giggle:
Sleeper77's avatar
Ain't that right! The kick-ass commando team got theirs handed to them.  Never trust evil clowns. :D (Big Grin) 
LaraWearsCatsuits's avatar
Isn't that so funny on that note....:D, you know how the Kick-Azz Team was about that superhero life...but they sucked on fighting....
so there you go. Never trust or try Evil Clowns or being like Lady Bug/Cat Noir :iconlolz-plz: i hope they learn next time tho...:giggle:
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Nice change of pace to see an unconscious couple.
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Thanks!  It was fun doing something a little different.
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Ooooh I like Kid Umbra and Hard Body's outfits!
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They were both inspired by Cat Noir's costume on Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir.   I updated Kid Umbra's outfit since his last appearance.   Hard Body Returns, 2 by Sleeper77
I couldn't tone down the shine and the glare from the lighting was blinding. :D (Big Grin) 
dangerfan's avatar
I don't mind a blinding shine!
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