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Capturing Curia and Karolina, 5

By Sleeper77
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The Crimson Viper had pummeled her into the brink of unconsciousness.   Karolina staggered backward drunkenly.     She teetered precariously on the edge until the Crimson Viper reached out and grabbed her by the eagle's head of her decorative chest plating.   Suddenly the giant tentacle wrapped itself around her.  She shivered.  Her eyes blinked.  She found herself back atop the Sanctuary of Pasithea.   She was too disorientated to think clearly about what she saw.   The tentacle squeezed ever tighter around her.    She started to scream but the arrival of unconsciousness muted her voice.

The Crimson Viper pointed at Karolina as she hung limply,  suspended in the air by the tentacle.  "She's had enough.  The Mistress wants her alive."   Her head was throbbing.  "Dial back the illusions.  They're givin' me a raging headache."

For the next part, see Capturing Karolina, 6 by Sleeper77. For the previous part, see  Capturing Karolina, 4 by Sleeper77.
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So, it was all an illusion. And a pretty effective one. The Amazon is totally out!
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Curia-DDHobbyist Writer
She is in serious trouble!!