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Final Fantasy: 10,000 Stampede

By sleekpixels
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Title: 10,000 Stampede
Current Version: 1

Software(s) used: 3D Studio Max 9, Bryce 6.3, Photoshop CS 5
Date Published: 08-21-2012
Time Spent: 12 H

Download: 1920x1080 PNG @ 2.17 MB
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This is to celebrate my 10,000th view on DA

A recurring enemy from the Final Fantasy series as well as appearing as a summon. Cactuars are little cacti, typically depicted having stiff arms and legs, three black holes for their faces, representing two eyes and an oblong mouth, and three yellowish quills at the top of their heads.

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1920x1080px 2.07 MB
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Thanks for the warm and funny comments everyone! I just want to tell this for the record, I saw this scene from my dream (complete with ground shaking and rumbling). While I'm trying to escape, I saw the giant cactuar pops out! Then... poof! I woke up! hahaha... Fool Emoji-32 (Crazy Dance) [V3] 
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Not even the dead can know peace from this evil.
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Wow!.....Bahamut...we're gonna need your help!!! Or Ifrit! WE NEED MORE FIRE MAGIC IF WE"RE GOING TO WIN THIS WAR!
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In the state of Arizona it is illegal to shoot a cactus. In the sense of occasion. im gonna make an exception..  Run Away 
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Hi, i would like to feature your Cactuar fan art in an article about the Cactuars similar to this one [link] about it soon on my website Game-Art-HQ, would that be okay with you?

Greets, and a happy summer day!
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Hello, I am honored! :nod: Thank you! :la:
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Hiya, and there you go [link] i made a little blog article with your Cactuars now and a thumb of it will be part of the big Cactuar article i am still working on.

Are you still a FF fan btw? I have a FF Art Tribute about the protagonists of the series ongoing here [link]
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I'm sorry here's the [link]
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Thanks a lot for the feature! :) I made an older FF art ([link] but it's still unfinished/discontinued.
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dude this just became my new wallpaper.
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Thank you! Thank you very much! :la:
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You've been featured! [link]
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Wow! Thanks a lot ^^
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Ang Galing mo sa Poser tsaka 3DS @_@ nc sir! ilang thousand needles kaya yan pag nagskill. hahahaha!
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Lol, so many cactuar! Where to start?
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Lol, oh I love it <3
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isn't it 10,000 needles?:meow: or parang maybe in later version of FF itong "stampede".;p I've played FF until FF9 lang eh (the PSx versions~~which were actually MORE Final Fantasy-esque than the later FFs).^^

it kinda looks like the GF Cactuar in FF8~~~:XD: very much impressive rendition dito~!^^ :highfive:
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Gawa-gawa ko lang yung "10,000 Stampede" title for this dev. Adapted from the 10,000 Needles concept for my 10,000th page view :)

Yup,it is the Jumbo Cactuar/Cactuars from FF8 :D Thanks! :la:
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oh, I see~~~~:XD:
asteeg din naman ang 10k concept mo for your 10k pageviews~~~:highfive: ^^

:iconcactuarplz: you're welcome xmpre~~~;p

and yep~~~~:XD: parang sa FF8 lang tlgang may Cactuar na gnyan ang laki eh~~~~:icononionxdplz:
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