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Bleach: Kon the Resting Soul

By sleekpixels
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Title: Resting Soul
Current Version: 2
Software(s) used: Adobe Photoshop CS 3
Date Created: 10-25-2009
Time Spent: 2.5 H

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Corrected Left arm and leg perspectives
Removed eye brows

Added Green watchamacallit on rear head, Shadows, wall patterns and lighting effects

Kon (コン, Kon) is an artificial soul modified by a Soul Society operation known as "Project: Spearhead" to inhabit a dead body and use his special powers to help the Shinigami fight Hollows, Kon's special power is in his leg muscles.[2] His name is a short for Kaizō Konpaku (改造 魂魄, Modified soul or Mod-soul for short). Ichigo uses him to transform into his Shinigami form, leaving him in charge of his body the way normal Shinigami use artificial souls to look after their gigais. When not serving this purpose, Kon usually inhabits a lion plushy.
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this looks amazing, when i watched the vid zoozbuh did for the english version of alones, i just had to find the pik and wow its amazing. do you ever consider art trades?
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I didn't get the most of it. But thanks a lot for the compliment! :)
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:iconcannotevenplz: okay so on youtube theres a youtuber named zoobuh, he did a music video of the song alones from bleach season 6 and used this picture, giving you credit of coarse. anyways, its amazing, id be lying if i said i wasnt fangirling right now but um....would you ever consider art trades? 
sleekpixels's avatar
Oh I see... Thanks for that info, I'll take a look on that later ^_^ Art trades? SURE! But it'll took me sometime... I'm too busy for work.
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Oh. My. gawd. *falls to the floor frothing at the mouth and spazing* i think just died a little from hapiness, its okay how long it takes you doesnt matter, im just squeeling like an idiot cause your an awesome artist. but what would you like me to draw you 
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Hahaha... I've read that you like drawing Pokemons... so a Sylveon or an Eevee would be nice. :) How about you? :)
LotusFoxfire's avatar
okay i can draw both for you, and could you draw a picture of my oc ikari and toshiro doing something together?……
if you need a good pic of her arm markings, my wrighting bookmark thing is the right side, the left is just reversed
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awww! kon is so cute!!!
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i love the textures!
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i'm fan of kon !!
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Next time i'll do it right ! :D
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Cute! But the Quincy Cross on the back of his head is blue. :3
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woah! your right... I lost the original PSD, i cant edit it any more... nooooooo! oh well... its better that way ^^ lol
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lol, :noes: that bites! Not like anyone would've noticed if I hadn't said anything XD
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Poor cute lonely little Kon!
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"Oneeeeeeee-chan TT_TT Wheeeree are yoouuuuu!!!"
Haha, I love it, but soo sad, he probably misses Rukia ._. +faving!
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aww...poor kon :( Great art though!
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Great job, he looks kinda lonely and sad =(
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How cool! I thought I must buy teddy bear for my girlfriend, bu now I will but your art on wallpaper, so she will feel in love with me... once again ;)
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Good luck on that! Cheers!
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