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BioWare: Embraced Eternity

By sleekpixels
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Title: Embraced Eternity
Current Version: 2
Previous Versions: 1 [link] , 0 [link]
Software(s) used: Poser 7 , Adobe Photoshop CS5
Date Published: 05-21-2011
Time Spent: 3.5H

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Asari Race
"Mass Effect Series"

The asari, native to the planet Thessia, are often considered the most powerful and respected sentient species in the known galaxy. A typical asari individual has a blue to purple complexion; the gas giant Sharblu was named after a famous asari soprano with a distinctive skin tone that resembled the planet's atmosphere. Some asari can also have a teal complexion, but this seems to be a rarity.

Although asari have one gender, they are not asexual. An asari provides two copies of her own genes to her offspring, which—regardless of the species or sex of the 'father'—is always an asari. The second set is altered in a unique process called melding, also known as the joining.

During melding, an asari consciously attunes her nervous system to her partner's, sending and receiving electrical impulses directly through the skin. A common phrase used before melding is "embrace eternity," presumably to help focus the partner's mind (as seen on this Deviation).

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omg, this looks so awesome
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dont click here
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you know... when they do that thing with their eyes... it's a bit of a turn-on...
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Oh, I love it, looking at her eyes makes me feel like she is taking my life away
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It's perfectly safe she's not an Ardat-Yakshi?
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This is very well done, unsure which Asari it were. I love the Asari's, Liara and Shiala. Well done. :)
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Thank you! :la: No one in particular, just an unnamed Asari... :clone:
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yay~! no problem,, i hope i can make something like that for 3 hours,, just like what u did... but it appears that i've spend 2 weeks for my sasusaku but wasn't good enough,, do u hav any tutorial on youtube? if u hav, pls tell me >.< i really want to use photoshop but i can't!
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ahm,, pilipino k nman po pla :D
ngaun q lan nlaman xD
ahm,, mhirap ma22nan, isang beses lang kc aq pwedeng mag-undo sa photoshop.. tpos, pasukan n nman sa june, 3rd year hs p lan aq,, wla p masyadong alm,,
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That's good! Ako college na nagstart :D You can control undo/redo sa History Tab ;) [link]
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ahh ganun :D slamat po
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