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The sold out collected edition (with hard cover and dust jacket - it's very important:)) of Osiedle Swoboda comic series (by yours truly) have won the plebiscite Komiks Roku (Comic Book of the Year)--->…

Also, it took first place in Esensja magazine' s plebiscite--->…

And... it took 1st place on Kolorowe Zeszyty blog (editors choice, Best of the Best of 2010)--->…

And it's number one on the list of the five best Polish comics of 2010 on Ziniol' s blog--->…

And it's among ten best comic books of 2010 in KZ magazine (editors choice)--->

And (you aren't bored, are you:)) it's among the best 5 comics of 2010 in Przekroj magazine--->…

All links are in Polish, so use something like Google Translator if you are not familiar with this language (now, that's strange:)) but still interested in reading why, where, what, wut, huh?

Thank You All! So much!

Osiedle Swoboda
(Eng. Housing Estate Liberty)
Story & art by Michal Sledziu Sledzinski
published by
kultura gniewu
on March 2010… :)
300 pages in B&W
(including color guest pin-ups
by the best of the best:))
IT'S MADNESS - another nomination! This time everything' s in the hands of readers! The plebiscite for the Comics of the Year just started. 50 great books to choose from (Crumb, Mehler, Sfar, Moore, Thompson, Robinson, Bilal, Kirkman, Larsen... you can pick 10!) and my Osiedle Swoboda graphic novel is among them!

Osiedle Swoboda (Eng. Housing Estate Liberty) is my most famous series (with a cult status, like my readers like to say), partly autobiographical. It's a satirical picture of the Polish society living in generic housing projects at the turn of the 20th century. Five protagonists, young men, who don' t like to work or study (too much) are spending their time hanging around their neighborhood talking about life… and stuff, trying not to be violated (too much) by some bigger fishes in the pod (nationalists, catholic orthodoxes, bums). Despite the fact that most of the episodes are characterized by lazy atmosphere and funny, witty dialogues, Osiedle Swoboda is also a playground of genres with action, drama and horror elements woven into the story. After ten years since its premiere (Produkt magazine #1, December 1999), the series is recognized as one of the most important Polish comics published after 1989.

The series was originally published in the Produkt - independent comics magazine from December, 1999 to June, 2004. Then, from December, 2004 to June, 2006 Osiedle Swoboda was continued in six-part color miniseries (you can find some samples and covers on my dA gallery). On March, 2010 kultura gniewu (Eng. culture of anger) publishing house published all the episodes in one, critically acclaimed book (which sold out just in 4 months, 2nd print is on the way).

You can vote here---> (Polish)

Comics site---> (Polish)
Publisher' s site---> (polish)

OS 2010 cover on dA--->
OS 2010 wrapper on dA--->…
How cool is that? I was nominated by the HIRO magazine ( for the SuperHIRO 2010 awards in the category Book/Comics Book! You can find the full list of categories and nominated here--->… (Polish).

Everything's gonna be clear on 11th of February (HIRO's writing about some "spectacular circumstances", I'm counting on some spectacular free vodka).
The newest issue of the Play magazine ( is going to hit the market tomorrow. You'll find there some of my creations (as usual): 7th episode of the Para Gra series, a comics strip with Jojoy & Padie (#124) and a feuilleton. Written and drawn by yours truly.
Na Jedno Pub is my newest comics series I'm working on with my good, old pal KRL ( It's published in Warsaw magazine SOUL (which is free, so you can grab a copy while on your way back from work, however I don't know exactly where you can find it). KRL is writing and sketching, I'm doing ink, colors, letters, editing (and the whole concept is mine).

You can find some samples on Kolorowe Zeszyty blog (…)