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Argentina - Ushuaia

Ushuaia in Argentina is usually seen as the most southermost city in the world, though Puerto Williams in Chile is contesting this. The first settlements in the area are about 10 000 years old, and originate from the Yanama people. The complete area is called "Tierra del Fuego" or "Land of the fire" as Fernando de Magallanes saw fires of native people while he was crossing the channels en route to Asia and Europe to complete his round the world trip. The name Ushuaia was first used by the South American Mission Society of England that is responsible for the first settlements. Missionaries were sent there and worked with the Yanama. Nowadays Ushuaua is a city with about 120 000 inhabitants, and a famous starting point for exploration trips going to Antarctica. In winter it is a well known ski-resort where people from the whole of Argentina and foreigners come to spend a few days during short holidays. 

Exif: 24mm, 30s, F 6,3, ISO 100

Nikon D800, Nikkor 24-70mm, B+W UV Filter, B+W ND Filter, Tripod. 

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You were incredible lucky with the weather, this is a perfect picture on a perfect day.

Tierra del Fuego?......I remember reading an old book about the Irish who emigrated to Argentina, they had a picture of a 19th century letter sent home to Ireland stating that this guy was in Tierra Del Fuego "the ass end of the world"

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Haha, it's true you get a special feeling being there, in the south of Chile and Argentina. Yes, they call it Tierra del Fuego, because at the time of Magallanes (doing the tour of the world by boat for the first time) they saw the indigenous inhabitants warming each other with fires.

At the time of this picture i travelled about a month in that extreme south, and stayed 2 weeks in Ushuaia. Luckily later i also got to be tour guide for Chile, so i came back about 10 times, but not to Argentina.

Back then i was there in winter, but honestly it wasn't that cold. Maybe a little colder than winter in Belgium... So nothing terrifying :)

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Amazing!Like a postcard! :-)
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Thank you kindly! I'm happy you like it :)

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Beautiful shot, so lovelly and warm.
slecocqphotography's avatar
I'm happy you like it :)
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Que buena fotografía, todavía no conocí ese lado pero sin dudas es hermoso :D
CapscesDigitalInk's avatar
slecocqphotography's avatar
I'm very happy you like it :) 
impalax327's avatar
slecocqphotography's avatar
Thank you a lot Darren! :) 
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Pequeños fragmentos de todo lo que tus ojos han visto... Just wow man
slecocqphotography's avatar
Gracias Havdae :) Feliz que te gusto Ushuaia! :) 
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Les couleurs sont très belles, c'est une superbe photo !!! Et comme la mer est lisse ......
slecocqphotography's avatar
Merci beaucoup Claire... de jolis souvenirs de cette photo :) 
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The colors and composition are simply stunning! Wonderful light :)
slecocqphotography's avatar
Thank you for your positive comment John! :) 
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You're welcome! :)
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Estoy aprendiendo de tus ajustes. De nuevo una foto excelente.
slecocqphotography's avatar
Gracias totales por el comentario! :) 
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A ti por compartir!
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my oddfather lives in Ushuaia
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