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I was just tired of looking at the old journal post. Oh, and I'm posting art after like a whole year of either hating everything I did or just being lazy. What is wrong with me?
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I decided to update my journal because the last update is from like october or something. So this isn't going to be much of an informative update. I'm going to try to update more often but lord knows if that will actually happen or not because I am lazy. Oh well.
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So I know I've not been around for awhile and you guys haven't really seen the extent of what I can do, but I'm opening myself up for commissions.(cause momma needs a PS3 and money for christmas gifts.) I'm not sure how much faith you guys have in me but I can assure you your commission will be polished and pretty. Anyways I'll start with $10 waist up drawings,$15 full body drawings,25$ drawings with a full background(WARNING I don't have much experience with this but as a perfectionist I don't think I could allow myself to let it look bad), $25 full color drawings, and $50 full background and colored drawing.I will start with five slots and if you are interested contact me.


I will start your piece as soon as I recieve payment, and if at the end you are unhappy with the piece we can talk it out and I will try again. Paypal account is
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