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Tomboy Sparkle

Looks like Twilight got the Rainbow Dash makeover.

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Well... I have some news for you SLB, while being slightly tomboyish, Twilight's studies aren't literally feminine as her other's friend's activities, consequently making Twilight Sparkle a tomboy rather than in between.
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Gilda (friendship) plz - Seems like we got ourselves a badass!

:icondashielolwutplz: - Precisely b/c she learned from the best
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Rainbow Dash always dresses in style, so it's only natural somepony had to follow her.
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Exactly :D, but I'd never expect Twilight to be the one to follow. Guess you never know with that pony.
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Whoah! Looks very good!!
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My head canon  for  human twi is that she doesn't dress to show off but for comfort. 
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It looks like Twilight is practicing her "Mindset-Swap" spell with Rainbow Dash...

Apparently, it's a huge success! :D
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Looks like she's got it down to a pretty science too :D
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Whoa, Twilight is looking A LOT more hardcore now! :iconfluttershyhappyplz:

Awesome work my friend!
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Thanks, I agree Twilight's definitely 20% more awesome this way :D
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