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Son of wolves

just a wild young man, like Tarzan or Mowgli, but in a lycanthropic way
A lone wild heart. but you can pat his head :)

Character (c) :icons-l-b:
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Incredible do you take trades?
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Not at this time, but sometimes.
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Hot damn!! Interesting anatomy; I love the cartoony hands and feet. Super bomb work here man
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i'm really proud of him, is so cute :D
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Very animesque. I can just imagine this guy teaming up with a group of explorers on some sort of heroic quest. Of course, they might insist on giving him a loincloth. And a comb.
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that's must be awesome. But but when one lives alone deep in the woods who needs clothes? =P
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Oh, I agree - I wouldn't be one of those insisting!
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Muy conseuida la anatomía! Es genial!
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Dios mío, qué peligro si le salen muchas fans femeninas a este personaje; es facilmente yaoizable xDDDD
SLB-CreationS's avatar
Por suerte apenas tengo publico femenino =P
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Haz más de esos y verás que pasa.El caso es que yo conocí tu galería a través de una amiga xDDDD
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Now THAT'S a Mowgli! :thumbsup::D

At least, if he was; Naked, Savage, Feral & completely Wild, just as nature (or Feral Lycanthropy) would intend. 8-)
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He looks cute yet fierce at the same time, awesomeness here!

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*pats head* His hair is so fluffy!
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You're welcome
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