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Animation - Till the end - TDYWB 6.5 by SlazakGrzesiek Animation - Till the end - TDYWB 6.5 :iconslazakgrzesiek:SlazakGrzesiek 5 5 Little gift - Little Things animated by SlazakGrzesiek Little gift - Little Things animated :iconslazakgrzesiek:SlazakGrzesiek 13 9 Animation - Inviolable? - TDYWB 6.4 by SlazakGrzesiek Animation - Inviolable? - TDYWB 6.4 :iconslazakgrzesiek:SlazakGrzesiek 8 11 Nick Wilde animated - Knockout - TDYWB 6.3 by SlazakGrzesiek Nick Wilde animated - Knockout - TDYWB 6.3 :iconslazakgrzesiek:SlazakGrzesiek 12 14 Wild(e) move - GIF - TDYWB 6.2 by SlazakGrzesiek Wild(e) move - GIF - TDYWB 6.2 :iconslazakgrzesiek:SlazakGrzesiek 11 12 Under attack - TDYWB 6.1 by SlazakGrzesiek Under attack - TDYWB 6.1 :iconslazakgrzesiek:SlazakGrzesiek 9 12 Zaatakowani - Dzien w ktorym cie zabraknie 6.1 by SlazakGrzesiek Zaatakowani - Dzien w ktorym cie zabraknie 6.1 :iconslazakgrzesiek:SlazakGrzesiek 1 0 Evil Judy - time for revenge by SlazakGrzesiek Evil Judy - time for revenge :iconslazakgrzesiek:SlazakGrzesiek 10 0 Throwing a bun - Sneak Peak - TDYWB by SlazakGrzesiek Throwing a bun - Sneak Peak - TDYWB :iconslazakgrzesiek:SlazakGrzesiek 7 9 Confession of love - Sneak Peak - TDYWB 6.0 by SlazakGrzesiek Confession of love - Sneak Peak - TDYWB 6.0 :iconslazakgrzesiek:SlazakGrzesiek 11 7 TDYWB - Page 5.6 by SlazakGrzesiek TDYWB - Page 5.6 :iconslazakgrzesiek:SlazakGrzesiek 5 17 TDYWB - Page 5.5 by SlazakGrzesiek TDYWB - Page 5.5 :iconslazakgrzesiek:SlazakGrzesiek 6 4 TDYWB - Page 5.4 by SlazakGrzesiek TDYWB - Page 5.4 :iconslazakgrzesiek:SlazakGrzesiek 4 6 TDYWB - Page 5.3 by SlazakGrzesiek TDYWB - Page 5.3 :iconslazakgrzesiek:SlazakGrzesiek 3 2 TDYWB - Page 5.2 by SlazakGrzesiek TDYWB - Page 5.2 :iconslazakgrzesiek:SlazakGrzesiek 3 2 TDYWB - Page 5.1. by SlazakGrzesiek TDYWB - Page 5.1. :iconslazakgrzesiek:SlazakGrzesiek 2 0


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SlazakGrzesiek's Profile Picture
Creator of low-quality comics.
Commissions? I have no account on any electronical payments system.
And I'm afraid to take money for Zootopia characters, because of copyright.

Free requests? Why not? Send priv and we'll talk about details. I warn you that I expect forgiveness about time and respect - no, I'm not a buffoon, I expect that you send up a few ideas and not a whole list of identical themes that would only mean looking after them for a long time.
And I can exchange - if you draw something for me, I can draw something for you.
I think it would be fair deal :) Of course after agreement in a private message.

Big thanks for Glandziu for editing and translation of my works :)
My tumblr:
Collection of Zootopia Comics in one playlist for connoisseurs:
Zootopia comics and arts
I'm patient. But this matter has already approached my border.
TheWinterBunny returnsHey Everyone TheWinterBunny, known for amazing Zootopia fanart is back Today!!
For those who dont know her check out her art! Its amazing!

I need to get off this website.Hey, I will be getting off this website very soon. I just have been an Autisic idiot with not much friends on here. "I have Autism"  I am surprised you even became friends with me in the first place. Why would you be friends with a person who offends others? I just offend all of you, Am an Annoyonce, I spam unwanted shit everywhere. I surprised how I have so many watchers HOW DO YOU NOT HATE ME??? Why are you friends with a retarded person? How about look at that so called "art" of Judy.  You call that shit Art? Horrible, Right? I have gotten into many arguments. That's why I want to leave. So Goodbye Zootopia communities.
P.S. :iconSlazakGrzesiek: your an asshole. Fuck You. : -F2U- Middle Finger Cursor (Chat Icon)Whoops wrong finger Mark..|Markiplier emotion :
I had an argument today. View it here: Please view it now.  I also want this asshole reported.

But in order that there would be no confusion.
Martin0 by SlazakGrzesiek
I saw that post. Nothing wrong. If Merlin likes her, he shows that she respects her as an artist.
But after that(pay attention first to the lowest comments)
Martin1 by SlazakGrzesiek
(Just in case, writing that if he doesn't know WinterBunny, he probably doesn't know what is Zootopia was an attack)

I stood in defense of TheCabForwardEngine 
I wrote as culturally as I could that insulting someone who doesn't know her as an artist is fairly weak.
It was the first comment, now flagged as spam.
But the storm started.
He flooded me with comments every step of the way, shifting the limit of aggression.
Martin2 by SlazakGrzesiek

My lack of answers became a triumph for him.
And I just did not want to incite him. Unfortunately he wriggled himself.
He insisted on pretending that he didn't know what was going on.
Martin3 by SlazakGrzesiek
Yup. I'm an asshole. 
Paying attention to someone's disrespect shows my disrespect.
My not responding to vulgar comments raises my lack of culture to a square.
Martin4 by SlazakGrzesiek
And forward...
Martin5 by SlazakGrzesiek
And NO. I haven't written anywhere that he has any disease, especially autism.(the quote suggests that someone wrote it)
Maybe it was someone else, I don't know. If it's true, that still isn't argument for insulting people.
He reported a lot of things as spam.
I am attaching it so that it won't be removed and then someone wouldn't insinuate me that I omitted something important.
What could not be reported unjustly, I showed here.

When I wrote 1 comment, and then again 1, it was flagged as spam. 
When I was culturally, and wrote to not attack someone else, to not get upset etc. I was that bad person, who's spreading hatred.
And finally, I got the insults and depictions about how weak my fanarts are.
Well, I know that I have weak fanarts. But I still draw to improve my skills. 

I hope I won't have to convince someone what was a verbal insult and what not. It starts to tire me.
Let me know what you think about this whole thing.
What did I do wrong?

PS: My huge request. If anyone who read these arguments, please, just please don't attack Martin on his account.
Show understanding and tolerance. Don't send his offensive priv messages.
He's young and maybe he hasn't full awareness of what the whole situation is. 

I just wanted to clarify the whole thing.


Short info: I made a folder only for series TDYWB - The day You won't be.
Wow. 2 months. What can I say...  The last time was very intense for me. Besides lectures at the university, that whole week I spent with my laptop at designing sewage and water systems for house, residential and one gastronomic facility. It's exhausting, when you sit on one program for three and a half days, and even if you like it, you have enough of it, exaggerating its defects in every next moment. I don't spam with posts, because I'm a bit shy and don't to clutter up the profile with further messages that do nothing to advance the comic.
In brief: Sorry for long break but you will need a bit more patience.
I need an advice. What do you think about changing the font on new pages of my comic from Segoe Print Bold to Komika Font Family(only english version due to a few problematic Polish signs). What do you think about it? Or do you know other good fonts allowing for commercial use(maybe in the future?)


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Noer50 Featured By Owner 19 hours ago  New Deviant  Traditional Artist
Are you the SlazakGrzesiek ?
I want to ask a few questions, are you really ridiculing the work of others?
Based on report :…
No. I stood up for the defense of a man who was attacked by him.
Przechwytywanie by SlazakGrzesiek   Martin2 by SlazakGrzesiek
I hope you understand now my point of view.
Noer50 Featured By Owner 14 hours ago  New Deviant  Traditional Artist
Okay, I will write his name in my journal entry for 30days as shenanigan.
SlazakGrzesiek Featured By Owner 14 hours ago
I made a long journal about that unpleasant situation.
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Geeeka Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New Deviant
Hej, cześć! Geeka jestem, kojarzysz mnie? Z yt? ;)
SlazakGrzesiek Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Pewnie, to Pani tworzyła napisy do dwóch pierwszych części.
Jeśli pani czytała, mam nadzieję że spodobał się Pani mój wkład do trzeciej części Powrotu do Z.? ;)
Geeeka Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New Deviant
Ja właśnie dokładnie w tej sprawie. :)
Bardzo dziękuję Ci za stworzenie tych napisów, naprawdę niekiedy były pomocne przy tworzeniu moich napisów, a to dlatego, że zostałam oficjalnie wybrana przez Browntable do stworzenia polskiego tłumaczenia. Przykro mi,że to nie Twoje napisy zostaną opublikowane, ale prawdę mówiąc, to nie zależy ode mnie, gdyż w ten sposób nie wykonałabym zlecenia, jakie mi dano. Twoje tłumaczenie nie było również w 100% perfekcyjne i można było zauważyć w nim intencje Google Translatora, ale przyznaję, że co poniektóre zdania zrobiły na mnie wrażenie i je wykorzystałam. Uznałam więc dlatego, że, abyś nie był stratny, wspomnę o Tobie w końcówce filmu, chociaż tyle mogę dla Ciebie zrobić. ;)

PS Żadna ze mnie pani, mam nieco ponad 15-stkę na karku, a do tego również mieszkam na Śląsku.
SlazakGrzesiek Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Ech, szkoda. Mam nadzieję że chociaż większa część piosenki z trzeciej części zostanie bo tłumaczenie z dodaniem rymów było naprawdę wymagające. Pomyślałem że skoro są tylko napisy do dwóch pierwszych części to fajnie by było gdyby pozostałe pojawiły się w miarę szybko
Chciałem jeszcze dziś robić napisy do szóstej części, mógłbym coś do tego porobić jako współautor do twojego zatwierdzenia czy już mam się nie wtrącać?
Geeeka Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New Deviant
Yyy... Przepraszam, pierwszy raz jestem na tym Deviantarcie i zastanawiam się dlaczego przekręca on znaczenie komentarzy. Praktycznie zupełnie co innego miałam zamiar napisać! O.o
Czy moglibyśmy porozmawiać na youtubie, pod trzecią częścią "Return to Zootopia"?
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