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[SF Prompt] The Battle Commences



[SF] Bella Myers | Wanderer | Alive | [SF] Bella Myers | XP Tracker | Introduction Meme (Pending) }

✖ Artist Notes

Felt a bit lazy i think with this one, but I like the rough effect it made. Maybe if I keep doing simple lineless work that I may be confident to add more lineless detail. XD 

✖ S T A T S:

. HP: Bullet; RedBullet; Red
. ATK: Bullet; RedBullet; Red
. DEF: Bullet; Red
. SPD: Bullet; RedBullet; Red

PER 100 WORDS... 14XP
Background... 30XP
Event XP Bonus... 50XP

Sub Total = 114

✖ Story:

    The note, the one I picked up after my run into town with Obi. The images of those poor defenseless people speared on anything sharp and thin. Knowing that someone was out to get us all really shook me to the core. Thankful I found a safe and secure place to keep myself and Obi safe, I paced for days afterwards wondering who the main targets for this attack were, if there were any at all or if it was indeed random.
    Shortly after my worries were answered, loud raucous voices were heard, explosions both far and near setting off, causing plumes of smoke and sometimes mushroom clouds to appear above the tree line, spooking Obi in the process. Shit was going down, and I knew sooner or later it would be at our doorstep and we would be powerless to do anything.
Priority number one for me was to protect Obi. We had been through so much in such a short time that I couldn't bear to lose her. Securing her in a fenced off area attached to the building i now call home, I scrambled around finding wood and tarpaulin to cover the area she normally enjoys looking out of. What she can't see, would reduce her stress and keep her calm. I hoped.
    Within seconds of me finishing my task, the main gate to our home began rattling and shaking, shouts of help reaching me as I spun on my heel, grabbed my axe and charged forward. I had to help whoever it was out there. Sadly I was tool late and no were near enough armed to have been any kind of salvation at all. The sight that greeted me was horrifying, the skin of a girl no older than 16 was draped across the locks of the gate, entangled in the mesh and the barbed wire I had recently installed. Turning my back I couldn't hold in my food, vomiting multiple times before there was nothing left in me to evacuate, but bile.
    Unknown to me, this was the time that I thought my life was going to end. Grabbed from behind I was lifted into the air, a crack reached my ears as I heard my spine crunch under the strength of this stranger. My next place was on the floor a crumpled heap at someones feet. Thankfully nothing was broken, nor was there any pain. It was like I just cracked my knuckles, except it wasn't my choice. Looking around and up at the shadow looming above me, a man with an eye patch stood glaring down at me, while he wondered if I was rendered immobile or not.
    Knowing I had to think fast, I glanced around making him do the same, duping him into thinking there was more people around here besides myself. In that split second I decided I needed to make a move and a dash to reach my axe, which was a couple of feet away where it fell from my hands, at the sight of the girl. Swiping my leg under this grey bearded man, I downed him easily, his distraction being the main factor that helped. Worrying it didn't help for long and he was on me in an instant, straddling my chest and keeping me pinned.
    I thought my time was up again for the second time in a matter of moments, and I closed my eyes wishing it would be a swift end. Maybe I shouldn't have enclosed Obi, maybe at this point she would be my savior and injure this man enough to allow our escape. During the slowly ticking time, I remembered some vital training we used in the reenactments and knew something that might help. Wriggling and bucking underneath him, something which he didn't expect, I managed to wrench my arms free and slug him once in the face, allowing me enough leverage to get a knee on his chest, and with all my might toss him over my head with a satisfying thud as his back landed on the axe I was hoping to grab for myself to use against him.  Knowing this plan wasn't going to happen, I go to my feet, kicked him once full force in the face and ran, enclosing and barricading the second gated boundary around our home before making my way to Obi, and an escape plan of packing what I could just in case, he was following me into the safest place of our sanctuary.

Word Count: 752

✖ Credits:

Stock Used:  
Over Throw - Pose Reference by SenshiStock

Note The image was referenced, drawn and colored freehand. 

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cool! and yes! beat him up!

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Haha yeah she tried her best XD

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I didn't have time earlier to comment on this but I do now, so...
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hehe *ass truly beaten*
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Ooooooo Slaaaay this looks EPIC! :D I love your lineless style and I say don't worry about it looking "neater"! :noes: it looks better and more....painter-ish with the rough texture :D

Still jelly of your shading skills XDD
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Aww thanks Elf, I was just being lazy and really couldn't be arsed adding the lines lol, so I appreciate that it looks somewhat decent lol

Haha *blush* your style is awesome for shading! 
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