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N5223 HSS Cousin It



Stable: :iconhighsupremacystables:
Owner: slayingallhumans 

ID #: N5223
Official Name: HSS Cousin It
Barn Name: Floof
Gender: Stallion
Breed: Pure PadroHorse 
Age: 3 years
Height: 17.1hh
Color: Dunskin Rabicano (f)RADIYA
Genotype: Ee AA nCr nD nRb fRdy minnSpk (failed)
Eye Color: Green
Markings: See Above
Personality: TBD
Discipline: Everything
Training: Bullet; Black = Untrained Bullet; Red = Bad Bullet; Yellow = Needs Improvement Bullet; Green = Trained

Original Design: N5223 Padro Import - Closed
Tack Design: 
Best Friend: None
Mate: None

Breed Specific Information
Class: Uncommon II
Build: Medium
Mane Stripes: No
Rare Points: 40
Breed Ribbons: Note Only the highest Ribbon earned will be displayed!
Rank Confirmation: 
- Breedable Rank Confirmed!
Rank Additions: Note Can be drawn with or without extra speckling colors

Lineage and Breeding

Lineage: Foundation

------------------------------------------ SSS: unknown
----------------- SS: unknown
------------------------------------------ SSD: unknown
Sire: unknown
------------------------------------------ SDS: unknown
----------------- SD: unknown
------------------------------------------ SDD: unknown
------------------------------------------ DSS: unknown
----------------- DS: unknown
------------------------------------------ DSD: unknown
Dam: unknown
------------------------------------------ DDS: unknown
----------------- DD: unknown
------------------------------------------ DDD: unknown 


HARPG Breeding rules:          Note Pure Padro Mares Only!
1a. Breeding slots are 25Points + Breeding Pic for naturals!
1b. Breeding slots are 50Points + Breeding pic for 
single Mutations!
1c. Breeding slots are 100Points + Breeding for multiple Mutations!

2. Breeding picture is required!
3. I require slot to foal. No questions asked!
4. Comment with the foal design and reference so I can keep track!!
Do NOT breed if horse is still under age! Any resulting foal will be reclaimed immediately and you will not be refunded!!!
6. Under no circumstance will twin chances be allowed unless told otherwise!!! 

7. If planning to selling your foal please contact me first! I will want it!!!!
8. Include "Neiigh" somewhere in your comment to show that you've read and accepted these rules! Punctuation is monitored! 

Breeding Spots: 8

Breeding: Bullet; Red Closed Bullet; Red  
1. Mine
2. Mine
3. Mine
4. Mine
5. Mine
6. Mine
7. Closed  
8. Mimi-McG with

Breeding Pictures:

- - - - -

Foals: Note Please notify me of the sale of ANY foals below not already owned by me. I WILL want them!

1. Design | Ref | Owner @ 
2. Design | Ref | Owner @
3. Design | Ref | Owner @
4. Design | Ref | Owner @
5. Design | Ref | Owner @
6. Design | Ref | Owner @ 
7. Design | Ref | Owner @
8. Design | Ref | Owner @

Padro Points 

Note Padro Point System *new version*
Note Padro Rankings

Reference by slayingallhumans   
Flat Fullbody +3
Simple Background +1

Sub Total = 4

Starter +7

Sub Total = 7

Overall Total = 11/20
Rank: Breedable (Benefit - None)

Padro Ability System

Note Ability System

- healing +0
- poison +0
- intelligence/wisdom +0
- speed +10
- fire control +0
- nature +0
- water and ice +0
- electricity and weather +0
- light manipulation +0
- telekinesis +0
- morphing +0
- stealth +0

Overall Total = 10
Level: Beginner

Competition History

Results Journal: 

Added Info

Background made by me!

Previous Owner:

Designer: :iconmimi-mcg:
Breed Group: 
Breed Creator: :iconkimbokah:

Stock Used: Carmen 59

Art of Floof was created by me! Do not steal art or character and claim as your own!
The Continent of Athorian is part of my world and group. Please do not steal the name for yourself.
Image details
Image size
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© 2019 - 2021 slayingallhumans
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TheAngelicGunslinger's avatar
What the F*%$#k? Slay what what happened to your horse? It's like is suddenly had spontaneous hair grow and disappeared it cousin It from the Addams Family.
slayingallhumans's avatar
hehe the excessive hair growth is because of the failed radiya lol

and yup i made him have enough hair to call him cousin it XD
TheAngelicGunslinger's avatar
looks like cousin it's pet pony!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o (Eek) :o (Eek) :o (Eek) :o (Eek) 
slayingallhumans's avatar
it could well be XD
TheAngelicGunslinger's avatar
hey if i can get a lot to a hollow a nd end up with a hollow foal; does it increase the chances of getting a hollow if you breed a hollow to a hollow? (Padros)
slayingallhumans's avatar
All the genes and how they are passed are on a journal in the group. But a natural and recessive hallow dont produce a foal, two recessive hallows will produce one recessive and a dom and a recessive will produce one dom and one recessive foal
TheAngelicGunslinger's avatar
so a hollow is random? damn, i really want one of those and a failed an't have been trying to get one but can never seem to get one so i'm trying to find ways to increase my chances and some of the reading for the group is a little confusing.
slayingallhumans's avatar
nah to breed a definitely hallow just make sure at least one parent is HlwHlw (dominant)

to breed a failed, it only works with fHlw or nHlw x nHlw
but you must put enabling failed chances in the note or it wont be rolled flr that
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Brittstorm's avatar
I love this floofy boy SO MUCH
slayingallhumans's avatar
DreamDrifter91's avatar

SO. MUCH. FLUFF *flail*
slayingallhumans's avatar
Pahaha yus! *flails with you*
casinuba's avatar
*falls into fluff*

*is lost in fluff*


*fluff is warm*

slayingallhumans's avatar
Fluff is very warm! I been lost in here for days XD
cosandk's avatar
I need his babies
slayingallhumans's avatar
We all need his babies XD
shockmyworld12's avatar
Omg i love it 

tbh my brain immediately went to : its a walking carpet! i want it ! XD 
slayingallhumans's avatar
Heheh thanks 

And yeah he is pretty much a walking carpet XD
shockmyworld12's avatar
LOL you should make a grooming image of how its done with this one XD 
slayingallhumans's avatar
shockmyworld12's avatar
OMG YESSS!! ALSO LOVE THE NAME ! I used to watch the show when I was younger ! 
slayingallhumans's avatar
SAME it so awesome, I still love the addams family :D
shockmyworld12's avatar
I do too , I wish to have a relationship  as strong as morticia and Gomez one day :) <3  lol
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