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Giles and Uther

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My two favorite ASH characters, Rupert Giles and Uther Pendragon
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Ach my GOD I was in LOVE with Giles.

Did you see the photoshoot where he dressed up as a vampire...I actually had that in frame on my wall for yonks!
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ACK no is it online somewhere? I NEED to see it!

I'm still angry about the comics...never did like them and Joss's thing with Giles just killed it all for me.
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I couldn't find it online, so I searched out the photos I had and have scanned them into the computer. (the odd shape is because I made this gothic-arched, glass-painted frame for it...with bleeding roses :)... which then fell off the wall after a couple of years, and broke... :) )

You may have alread seen it elsewhere, but anywhere, it's here [link]

I adored the TV series but I never read the comics, what was it that Joss did with Giles then? I'm dying to know now.
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oooh that was one I hadn't seen, no. Thanks for uploading.

And he killed him. *cries*
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(The black nail varnish suits him so well... yum.)

Killed him????!! You can't kill's... :( I'm glad I didn't read tham now.