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Drem Yol Lok!

Commission for :iconbansheeda:

Paarthurnax belongs to Bethesda
Art by Syrena Seale
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Bethesda really should have gave us the options of telling the Blades where to stick it. I'm not killing awesome dragon grandpa!
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  Paarthurnax: you must find the Dragon Elder Scroll to see into the past and learn Dragonrend. But the Scrolls are locked away under supreme security in treacherous dungeons and ruins. Many of the greatest warriors and adventurers have gone looking for them and never came back. You may not survive at all. Be very careful.
Me: I already have them
*i immediately show him all 3 scrolls (Dragon, Blood, and Sun)*
Paarthurnax: *gasp* EH..A..WA..HOW......WAT?!
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When I “killed” Paarthurnax (because he wouldn’t die for some reason but the game said he did) I left not really regretting my choice because Paarthurnax said he knew he had to pay for his crimes, but when I returned to the Greybeards to get a location for a word of power they banished me from High Hrothgar. I was really upset because if there is one thing I hate more than going through Nordic Burial Crypts, it’s trying to find them. :P
But then I found out all u have to do is shout at a bunch of people in a city, and a dude will send u a note revealing the location of a shout, so I was happy

btw: Paarthy looks like a total badass 😎
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I dont trust anyone who kills Paarthurnax
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Uhh... welp guess we can’t speak to each other 😐
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And he's voiced by Mario!
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Literally, Paarthurnax is voiced by Charles Martinet, the current voice of Mario.
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I have three words for you: Fuck. The. Blades.
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Hey man, Paarthurnax is a good guy, but he was one of Alduin’s major generals during the Dragon War. He had to pay for his crimes. He even accepted his fate
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My first thought when I heard that the Blades are dragonslayers...
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OMG! He's my favourite dwagon on Skyrim :D
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He kinda ugly doh. Even Sahrotaar looks better than him tbh. 
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eh i don't care about looks, i think he's pretty sweet
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Dwaggy-waggity-dwaggity-dwagon! :D
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Me: Paarthurnax, a princess I love very much has been kidnapped! Will you help me find her?! D:

Paarthurnax: I have a better idea. How about don't save her at all ever.

Me: What?! O_O

Paarthurnax: Trust me, you save her once, she'll just get kidnapped again, and it'll become a never ending cycle of monotony and frusteration...

Me: ...That... makes a bit of sense. o-o How did you know all that? o:

Paarthurnax: Believe me, I just know...
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