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:iconslayersstronghold:SlayersStronghold posted a status
Isomara-Island's two year anniversary is coming up on May 8th!
Be prepared for a large flat sale batch of Isomara, an OTA, an Auction, and a 48-hour long raffle for newbies! 
Prices with be $2/200 pts for non-Iso owners, $3/300 pts for owners of Isomaras already or you can purchase one for 1,000 seashells! This will be the first sale that I'm accepting in-game currency!

Dragon Fruit by IsomaraIndex  Seashells by IsomaraIndex 

Also, draw any NPC Isomara celebrating the Island's b-day from May 5th- May 9th and receive a free Dragon Fruit and a bonus of +10 ss instead of the normal NPC Art bonus of +5! (Dragon Fruit Can only be received once per account) All Isomara NPC's

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