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The last chapter of Bleach was so sad, but in a good way. All those years just coming back flooding my feelings. 

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Voleno Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2016  Student Digital Artist
I think all those people mad at shipping aren't stopping to think about the whole story and the fact that something that's been running for 15 years just ended. q.q
SlayersStronghold Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Yea, I get that. I mean for the longest time I was angry at certain ships, but I guess I got over and really as I aged I thought over the whole story and knew who was meant to be due to backlogs.
Man its so weird though it might be over for good. There are still some things left unanswered though and more character I want to see and where are they and ahhhh. I'm happy with the ending, but I hope for a sequel or just some spin-offs to answer those questions. 
Voleno Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2016  Student Digital Artist
For a while, I've always felt like Bleach is one of those universes that would be greatly aided by spinoffs or even fan work and characters. It definitely lends itself to some expansion and other than a continuation in some form, I do feel like we're owed the last arc as either an anime movie or just more of the series to finish it out. (I'd vote movie, though. I think it's self-contained enough to warrant that.)
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