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One of my biggest pet peeves: 
Touching my computer and my stuff on it. 

I don't care if your my best friend, partner, my personal tech guy!, even if I've knew you for years and trust you will my darkest secrets. DO NOT TOUCH MY LAPTOP AND THE STUFF ON IT. UNLESS I SAY OTHER WISE.

I'm looking at you A.M.! You messed with my desktop files, my work files, and my fricken Unturned game. lost all my good items, died in a random spot and all my skills gone. I had one last fricken achievement to get.
At least thank you for not touching my sticky notes. If I lost those I'd be dead. Seriously you do this every time you come over I'm getting sick of it.

I have one true day off a week and I like to spend it play games in the morning and homework the rest of the day and you spoiled it so far. >:/

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