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Training and Stats

Thu Jul 28, 2016, 12:17 AM

 What is the Fight & Flight System?

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How Does the System Work?

    If you explore in the forest and find yourself a beehive and while trying to get honeycomb you could disrupt the bees and they could attack you. Well, now you can choose to Fight or Flight from the bees. Depending on your choice and the stats your Isomara has for each, the outcome could vary, so in the case of the bees if you had a high flight meaning you had high agility & stamina you would most likely escape the swarm and avoid them stinging you, but if you had a low flight you might be more prone to get attacked by them and you might even lose the honeycomb you retrieved. 

    This system is to improve your Isomara's ability to survive. Say you explore, the items you find will be randomly generated and there will be a comment with a list of those items and under that will sometimes have a random challenge. Most challenges are optional and if you decide to do them you will get some extra items, seashells, etc. The outcome depends on whether you fail or succeed, but if you succeed in the attempt at the challenge you will most likely receive more items than what you would have if you failed (If you fail your Isomara may get a debuff, lose items, get hurt, etc). Some challenges will demand drawing and will be specific about what you will have to do. Other challenges may just be a prompt for you to answer, a sort of choose your fate story.

    In short, Training is the act to prepare your Isomara for other activities and events in the group. Weak and frail Isomara will not fair well in the world filled with predatory animals.

Due to the general simplicity of the two stats, these are attributes that make up the fight and flight stat system.
NOTE: Many of the attributes are interchangable for flight and fight it all depends on the situation.

        Strength, Defense, Constitution, Willpower
        Dexterity, Perception, Agility, Stamina, Charisma

Not sure what some of these mean? CLICK HERE

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What Counts as Training?

 To increase your stats of fight and flight you will need to draw/write about your Isomara(s) training. Training is the act of teaching an Isomara a particular skill or type of behavior.
To train your Isomara in the fight stat you should reference the attributes list above and concept an idea of them performing a task or action that deals with one of those attributes. Training in Fight could mean to have them go punch a tree, improve their courage (standing up to something that scares them), lifting objects, blocking incoming objects and attacks. Resisting against some sort of force, etc.

Training in flight often is depicted by an Isomara running or flying. But, according to the attributes that correspond to the flight, you could also have them doing an obstacle course, bounding from tree to tree, avoiding objects being thrown at them, have them examining their surroundings (being alert and cautious).

Since the species society is not very advanced there won't be books, technology, machinery, refined balls for sports (there might be some poorly stitched balls), anything as such won't count or training. Be creative with things you add to your training and have fun.

"Strength is being able to crush a tomato. Dexterity is being able to dodge a tomato. Constitution is being able to eat a bad tomato. Intelligence is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing not to put a tomato in a fruit salad. Charisma is being able to sell a tomato based fruit salad." - Quote

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Addition Information & Rules

Bullet; Green Each training renders +3 to the stat being trained.Isolings can be trained but will only get a +2 stat bonus (Hunger can effect how much stats an Isomara can gain)
Bullet; Green You may not train an Isomara you do not own unless on the Isomara's ID it says "Can be Trained by Others: Y/N"
Bullet; Green Training pictures must have full bodies of the Isomara (at least 75% or more of the body showing)
Bullet; Green Training pictures can be digital or traditional
Bullet; Green Coloring and shading is optional, trainings must have a background.
Bullet; Green Training pictures must be their own separate entity, doubling a training as an exploration or date is not allowed
Bullet; Green You are allowed to do a training that counts for Fight and Flight in one picture. As long as the Isomara can be easily identified performing actions that correlate.
Bullet; Green Training stories must be at least 350 words long. Make sure to explain the task they are doing and what they are training in.
Bullet; Green Fight and flight can be maxed out at 500 in each stat.

When submitting a training to Isomara-Island make sure to fill out this form in the description.

          [Isomara1] training in [Fight and/or Flight]
          [Isomara2] training in [Fight and/or Flight]
          [Isomara3] training in [Fight and/or Flight]

Questions/Help Journal
Isomara Group Directory


Training is now Open!
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