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Slay's Super Griffia Wish List

Mon Mar 20, 2017, 3:55 PM
A compiled wish list which I keep up to date. 

On the prowl for:

    - Team Groceries -
        Pararamus (Plantain theme), Plananoh, Whap
    - Team Blue Gold - 
        Guardian (Oceanic or African), Bavom(Pirate), Kittecurra(Cleaner or Compost),
    - Team Wicked -
        Bavom(Viking), Anubias Caster(Scorpio), Pelsaur (Omega) (Black ChowChow dog theme; Mutations: Long fur & Colored eyes), Parasplicer (Reptoid or Annunaki), Bunble(Dragon)
    - Team Frame -
        Terradragon (Anti Matter or Plasma); medium coverage (Based on Oberon or Glacierfire)Foolee ('daughter' of Oberon and Chroma)Relic (Kirin) (based on 1150 - Oberon)

Dream Custom ARPG Wishlist

- Species:
- Type: Aura or Crystal
- Theme: Honey Magma
- Gender: Female
- Hairstyle: Short/none, slicked back or maybe dreads
- Colors: Oranges, yellows, rich browns, maybe some light blues and various browns
- Markings: Hexagons, with bright crackle markings underneath, crescents to appear like dripping honey. 
- Accessories: Glasses, maybe goggles
- Mutations: Crystal Growth definitly (like orange topaz)
- Personality: quick witted, speedy, always in a rush, graceful
- Collage image:  HoneyMagma by SlayersStronghold

TEAM ???
- Species:
- Type: Abstract
- Theme: ASMR
- Gender: Female
- Hairstyle: Long, wavy
- Colors: Dull blues, cooler colors, mellow, blonde with some some strawberry blonde
- Markings: Clouds, waves, abyssal (abstract flowly, simple)
- Accessories: baggy sweater/ jacket (with zipper)
- Mutations: ---
- Personality: mellow, tries to act cool, shy, narcoleptic
- Collage image: (My two top fave asmr sounds/videos) Crinkle Heaven 7 ASMR & Slime ASMR

- Species:
- Type: Reptoid 
- Theme: Dinosaur (Dilophosaur)-
- Gender: Female
- Hairstyle: Short semi mohawk like hair or a Pompadour!
- Colors: dull purples, reds, dark greys black - theme to my Perfaunt or Terratrap?
- Markings: Zigzags, or triangles, maybe scale-like shapes, teeth, and scars
- Accessories: Gloves & footwear
- Mutations: Multi-Toed, spikey
- Personality: ---
- Collage image:   Dilo by SlayersStronghold

- Species:
- Type: Any
- Theme: Cake Roll w/ Toppings
- Gender: Male
- Hairstyle: Short, has volume, think of whipped cream (maybe a bowl cut?)
- Colors: Cream, White, pink, colors similar to my 3D model below
- Markings: Swirls, hearts, circles, maybe a glaze like marking on their back
- Accessories: ???
- Mutations: ???
- Personality:  boyish charm and sweet smiles
- Collage image:  2e34343 by SlayersStronghold

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