Pacing's Shop

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Pacings' Crafting Station by SlayersStronghold

Pacing's Shop

As you saunter up to the bamboo hut you notice a lively spring green Isomara smiling eagerly at your approach.
"Hi, I am Pacings, and welcome to my shop. What can I do for you?" he says continuing to smile.
You look around and see a large variety of items ready to be bought and behind Pacings on the floor a large sack of seashells ready to be given out in exchange for items of your own.

If you wish to purchase or sell items continue reading this journal
If you want to craft an item head over to the Pacings' Crafting Counter
(Items that do not have a worth/sell listing cannot be purchased or sold)

    Pacings carries all items under the sun (except legendary rarity items). All prices are the same as the listed worth price of the item in the Index.
Buy items in the Purchase thread
Sell your items in the Sell thread

Special Shop Inventory

At times Pacings will have special limited-time offers for sale.
No limit! Buy as many as you want!

Bug Net
Bug Net by IsomaraIndex
Price: 320ss each
Effects: Have a 50% chance to catch a Humble on successful encounters, 20% on failed encounters
"Not so though now are you!"

Tip: A Leaf Coupon can be used to receive one special shop item for free!

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