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Lost Egg Found!

Thu Jul 21, 2016, 3:54 PM

Lost Egg Found!

Egg by SlayersStronghold   

    A week had passed and it seemed all was lost for poor Frio. He seemed to have looked everywhere for the poor egg. The others that searched with him were exhausted. They had turned the jungle upside down looking for the poor egg. 

    Lillypad jumped right into every small pond possible just to make sure the egg was not immersed in water. Koko and silence scrambled through the bushes. Even the young Isoling, Eris went out to help her caretaker. 

    Frio started to think the worst had happened to the beautiful egg. But then! Something struck him. There was one area that all of them strayed away from. This area was not one area, but a multitude of small areas where the malevolent Memic birds went to roost. Their nests were scattered across the jungle and each Isomara made sure to avoid them in fear for their life. 

    Frio though, even though a coward had to find the egg. Crawling through the brush he stayed low to the ground and hid carefully out of sight. In the distance, he saw a nest, a small one that looked abandoned. He carefully waited to make sure no brooding mother Memic was near and meandered towards the nest. 

    To his surprise was a single memic egg and also the lost Isomara egg! He nearly jumped up in the air and screamed in joy, but didn't, instead, he held in his happiness and began to cry. The egg was safe and sound. 

    He felt blessed to be able to find the egg into the lush, huge forest. He  cradled the egg back to the daycare along with the other items he found. 

Plain Gray Divider by neripixu

The entry that rolled the egg was Nekoehh

Looks like someone had too much Vines by Nekoehh

All participants have been awarded their prizes and all scavengings have been rolled. 

Stayed tuned for more events, updates, and soon a new journal about Isomara eggs. 
Make sure everyone makes an inventory journal. And, the backup list of items has been updated as well as seashell balances

Plain Gray Divider by neripixu

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Cocopet2 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Congrats nekocookies !
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