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Isomara ARPG Inventory

Sun Jun 4, 2017, 7:48 PM
All notes are in parenthesis and have a block quote. Please read them all. 
(This is how I set up my Inventory journal. You will make one journal for your account. You do not have to set it up like I do, but you must list the items you own and your explorations, Try to get used to updating this regularly!) 

My Isomara

(I list all the Isomara I own here. You do not have to do this since we have a master list, but I recommend it)
Each member may only own seven (7) adult Isomara, five (5) Isolings, and three (3) eggs. There will be ways to raise this limit in the future.

Items Owned:

(All Items I currently own are listed here. If I use an item(s) from this list I will then take it off this list.  Make sure you delete an item if you use it beyond it's specified use. This also includes if you break any items during an exploration. Seashells are an item you do not have to keep track of here, so any you got through exploring don't need to be listed under items owned. You are completey allowed to keep track of your own seashells if you want.)

Berries by IsomaraIndex Bone by IsomaraIndex Carrot by IsomaraIndex Coconut by IsomaraIndex
Berries x39        |        Bones x4        |        Carrots x7    |    Coconut x2

Cotton by IsomaraIndex Crab by IsomaraIndex Dragon Fruit by IsomaraIndex Driftwood by IsomaraIndex
Cotton x67    |    Crab x3    |    Dragon Fruit x1    |    Driftwood x4

Ectoplasm x3   |    Eggshells x11    |    Feathers x9    |    Flowers x39

Goo by IsomaraIndex Honeycomb by IsomaraIndex Kiwi by IsomaraIndex Moss by IsomaraIndex    
Goo x1    |    Honey Comb x1    |    Kiwi x1    |    |    Moss x13

Mystery Candy by IsomaraIndex Pineapple by IsomaraIndex    [N/A]     Sand by IsomaraIndex
Mystery Candy x13    |    Pineapples x3    |    Pumpkin Seeds x1    |    Sand x1 Cups

Sand Dollar by IsomaraIndex Skrill by IsomaraIndex Squid by IsomaraIndex Sticks by IsomaraIndex
Sand Dollars x4    |    Skrill x60    |    Squid x3    |    Sticks x48

Tall Grass by IsomaraIndex Tooth by IsomaraIndex Wheat by IsomaraIndex Wood by IsomaraIndex

Tall Grass x91 Blade(s)    |    Teeth x1    |    Wheat x10    |    Wood x7


Breeding Log:

 (If I ever decide to breed an Isomara I will put down the names of the two being bred along with some other info. It will most likely look like this- 
Iso 1 x Iso 2 on [insert date of breeding note sent]; Isolings: [#] hatched on [insert date that ref was posted of Isolings] )


(I list each exploration I've done here. I make sure to write the number of the exploration, the date I submitted the exploration picture and a link to the deviation. You may list the items that you received if you want, but it may seem redundant due to the comment on the deviation (unless is was hidden, and which please don't hide those comments. As will the rest of this journal you may format this how ever you see fit.  

TIP: There is custom HTML which allows you to have mutiple coloumns of text like in Microsoft Word! It can come in handy if you draw a lot of explorations.) 

1st Exploration
[September 20th, 2015]
Exploring the Beach =

2nd Exploration
[September 13th, 2016]
Gooms Galore =

3rd Exploration
[October 2nd, 2016]
Light Sprinkle =
(All items went to Pacings)

4th Exploration
[October 4th, 2016]
Harvest Time =

5th Exploration
[October 4th, 2016]
= Speedy Trip =
(All items went to Pacings)

6th Exploration
[January 22nd, 2017]
Perched =
(All items went to Pacings)

7th Exploration
[January 31st, 2017]
No Stone Left Unturned =
(All items went to Pacings)

8th Exploration
[March 29th, 2017]
Get Up =
(All items went to Pacings)

9th Exploration
[April 3rd, 2017]
Whisperless =

10th Exploration
[April 3rd, 2017]
This is a Potato =
(All items went to Pacings)

11th Exploration
[April 6th, 2017]
Swim Breath Dive =
(All items went to Pacings)

12th Exploration
[April 6th, 2017]
Hole in the Botton of the Sea =
(All items went to Pacings)

13th Exploration
[April 7th, 2017]
Into the Depths We Go =
(All items went to Pacings)

14th Exploration
[April 13th, 2017]
Almost Got it =
(All items went to Pacings)

15th Exploration
[April 14th, 2017]
Gotta Dig Dig A Tunnel =
(All items went to Pacings)

16th Exploration
[April 21st, 2017]
= They are Good Trust Me =

17th Exploration
[April 30th, 2017]
= Stamina =

18th Exploration
[April 30th, 2017]
= Grunting Commences =

19th Exploration
[May 22nd, 2017]
Venturing Out by SlayersStronghold =

20th Exploration
[May 28th, 2017]
The Water is Fine by SlayersStronghold =

21st Exploration
[August 23rd, 2017]
= Water Mania =

22nd Exploration
[September 3rd, 2017]
= Tid Bit Nipply =

23rd Exploration
[September 15th, 2017]
= Barren Rock =

24th Exploration
[September 15th, 2017]
= Gold Specks =

25th Exploration
[October 3rd, 2017]
= Sit Next To Me =

This is also the example inventory tracker for Isomara-Island 
IsomaraIndex Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2017
Inventory Checking: November 20th, 2017
every so often mods will go through Inventory journals to assure they are up to date.

- Your  Inventory is up to date. 
   As thanks for keeping it up to date here is x1 Coconut Meat.
Coconut Meat by IsomaraIndex
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