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In-Game Currency

Seashells (ss) Seashells are the official Isomara Island game currency
Sand Dollars (sd) Sand Dollar are the official Isomara Island premium game currency

Seashells can be used to buy items from shopkeepers and members and can be used in Crafting.
Seashells were chosen as the unified currency due to their common appearance on the Island. You can explore almost anywhere and find some!

Other ways to use seashells are to enter contests and events and buy commissions (E.g., someone will draw your Isomara for 200 seashells). There may also be random events throughout the group that, if you participate, will reward you with seashells and other things. 
Sand Dollars are the premium currency. They can be found throughout the island but are rarer. Sand Dollars can be used to craft various items and currency for certain shops such as Hasha's Hut.

How Do We Get Seashells?

    Seashells can be obtained in many various ways. The easiest way is just to draw or write about any official Isomara. Every time you draw a picture with an Isomara or write a story involving an Isomara, you will be given seashells. The amount varies as it depends on the drawing and amount of words in stories, so any drawing/literature you do for Isomara-Island will reward you with seashells.
    The best way to get a lot of seashells at one time is by doing 
Explorations on the island. 
    Each time you draw or write about an Isomara, whether it be yours, someone else's, or an NPC exploring in a specific region of the island will allow you a chance of finding varying amounts of seashells as well as other items. The premium currency, Sand Dollars, can be found by exploring the beach and, at times, getting through events, games, and activities.

Other Ways to Obtain In-Game Currency:
  •         - Contests & Events - Prizes often contain seashells and sand dollars
        - Selling items to the shopkeeper Pacings, at the General Store, is always looking for items and will gladly fork over seashells in return.  
        - Any form of art whether it be digital, traditional, arts n crafts, and literature will earn you currency it just needs to be submitted into the group.

Well if I can get seashells by just drawing or writing general stories, Isomara why should I explore for them?

    Exploration yields not only seashells but other items that can be sold for seashells or can be used to craft items that may help you find more items and seashells the next time you explore. Exploration is the basis of the activities for the ARPG. Items are needed at times for events, random challenges, and courtship. Exploring gives you items, items can be used for crafting, and crafted items can yield a better and easier playthrough of the game by giving you more bonuses and allowing you to indulge in all the facets of the ARPG.
    Also, many items found are edible and can be used to increase your Isomara's Hunger meter and make them better at training, exploring, and more.

Seashell Rewards for Digital or Traditional Art 

This is how many seashells you are awarded for submitting drawn work to the gallery.

Level of Finish

Sketch: 1  Seashells
Clean Lines or Lineless: 3 Seashells
Painted: 5 Seashells

Character Visibility

Full Body: 25   Seashells
      At least 65-75% or more of the character is visible. You will receive 25ss per full body present.
Chibi Full body: 15 Seashells
    At least 65-75% or more of the character is visible. You will receive 15ss per chibi full body present. (Chibi refers to cartoony/anatomically incorrect or simplified features and details)
Bust: 10 Seashells
     25-64% of the character is visible. You will receive 10ss per bust present. 
     Ex.  Ask an NPC #3 - Pacings by SlayersStronghold Here's Your Eggs Ba- Wha! by SlayersStronghold
Headshot: 4 Seashells
     Less than 25% of the character or just the head/face are visible (including neck fluff). You will receive 4ss per headshot present.
Quiet Couple by SlayersStronghold

Art Bonus Options

Optional inclusions to artwork. Some prompts and activities do require artwork to be colored or have a background. Note that if you submit a piece that is multiple artworks in one submission these art bonuses will only be applied once. Submitting each artwork separately for gallery and prompt submissions unless specified is recommended.

Color: +5
     Fully colored: if the picture is partially colored, 0 ss are awarded
Simple Shading: +5
     Applies to partial shading, little to no highlights, barely noticeable, not blended, nor a wide range of values
    Ex. Flyin Shark by SlayersStronghold No Stone Left Unturned by SlayersStronghold
Complex Shading: +15
     More range of values, detail, Somewhat proper lighting, blended well
    Ex. Happy 4Ever by SlayersStronghold Gotta Slow it Down by SlayersStronghold It's Been A Long Day by SlayersStronghold

Partial Background: +5
     Backgrounds that are barely identifiable, abstract, or have limited colors and contents
     Ex.  AF06 - Laiska by SlayersStronghold What If...? by SlayersStronghold Cold Night Next to the Lavaplace by SlayersStronghold
Basic Background: +10
     A simple scene or environment. Grass, a blue sky, and a tree are examples of a basic background.
    Ex.  Heck of a Time by SlayersStronghold Light Night Jog by SlayersStronghold
Advanced Background: +25
     Detail, textures, more variety of objects, and items in the scene (rocks, fallen trees, not just grass and trees alone). Good composition and placement also apply.
    Ex.  [ARPG] Takes by SlayersStronghold Roe the Runaway Isomara by SlayersStronghold Predatorial Hunt by SlayersStronghold

Animation Levels

Basic Animation: +20
     Few moving and individually drawn frames. Includes, but not limited to - blink, bob, bounce, tail wag, wiggle
    Ex.  Dancing Rabbits by SlayersStronghold Fidgety Slay by SlayersStronghold Eris Icon by gavinom123

Intermediate Animation: +60
     Includes, but not limited to - Walk/Run/movement cycles, head turns, limited areas are moving
    Ex.  Setting Up Shop {Step One} by Cocopet2 Slayer Walk Cycle by SlayersStronghold Isoling Jump [Isomara - Animated Art] by Cocopet2 Blepper Alarm Animation Sketch by SlayersStronghold

Advanced Animation: +150
     Above and beyond, original animations, not choppy, dynamic actions, lengthy animations
    Ex.  Setting Up Shop {Step Two} by Cocopet2 Sand Castle Troubles [Isomara - Beach Exploration] by Cocopet2

Seashell Rewards for Word Count

You are awarded This amount of seashells for submitting written work to the gallery. Full stories and short descriptions added to artwork will be awarded seashells based on word count.

Number Of Words

These are examples of how many seashells you would receive for the word count. We use a formula that will give you an accurate amount of seashells per word. You do need to meet the exact numbers shown below.

250 Words = 19 1-icon.png
400 Words = 25 1-icon.png
550 Words = 34 1-icon.png
700 Words = 47 1-icon.png
850 Words = 64 1-icon.png
1000 Words = 85 1-icon.png
1300 Words = 138 1-icon.png
1600 Words = 206 1-icon.png
1900 Words = 288 1-icon.png
2500 Words = 499 1-icon.png

Resources & Tips:
1. Looking to improve your grammar, punctuation, and spelling? Check out Grammarly. It is completely free and very useful for quickly checking your errors. 
2. Need to figure out how many words are in your literature? Word Counter will help you out with that.
3. When drawing a background, try to make the canvas follow a 16:9, 9:16, 7:11, or 11:7 ratio (1920px x 1080px or 16 inch x 9-inch canvas, for example)
        (Why these ratios? It'll look good! Google the rule of thirds and the golden mean ratio)

Additional Seashell Reward Bonuses

Whether art or literature, these are bonus seashell add-ons.

Activity Bonuses

Training: +2
Submissions pertaining to training
Exploration: +2
Submissions pertaining to exploring
Voyage: +2
Submissions pertaining to voyaging
Prompt Pavilion: +5
Event: +20
Any work that is entered as part of an event

Collaboration: +10
Did you and another member split the work? Was this a collaborative roleplay with multiple people?

Miscellaneous Bonuses

Isomara & Large Companions: +10
For each Isomara and large companion like Memics, you will receive 10ss.
Small Companions & Critters: +5
Include if Memora, Goom, and Bleppers are present. You will receive 5ss per small companion. if any critters such as Hoppers and Bahru are present. You will receive 5ss per critter.

NPC Involvement: +5
If any or multiple NPC characters are present. NPC Owners will not be given the bonus for their NPCs.
Isomara of the Month: +15
Include the Isomara of the month for a bonus.
Please check Isomara's page to see if gift art or writing is allowed. Some players do not wish their characters to be drawn or written by others.
Companion Species Of The Month: +5
Include any companion of the month species for a bonus.
First, check the companion's page to see if gift art or writing is allowed. Some players do not wish their characters to be drawn or written by others.

Physical Crafts & 3D Art

This is how many seashells you are awarded for 3D models and various crafts.

General Craft: +60
Pumpkin carvings, small models of clay or styrofoam, tiny plushes, charms, needlefelt, wood etchings, 2D Perler beads, embroidery, etc.
Enhanced Craft: +120
Large models of clay or styrofoam, bigger plushes, needlefelt, crochet, wood-carved sculptures, 3D Perler beads, etc.

Simple 3D Model: +60
A digital chibi model, anatomically incorrect, less detail
Complex 3D Model: +120
A digital 3D model, anatomically correct, more detail

Textured: +15
Model or craft must be more than just one color to count.
Rigged/Posed: +30
Model or craft is in a pose other than a standard standing T-pose or A-pose.

If the model or craft is animated or is in an environment, the Art bonuses above will apply!
You may reuse a craft and 3D model 5 times for activities and prompts! See the FAQ below for more details.

Seashell F.A.Q.

Q. Do I have to be a member of the Isomara-Island group to gain seashells?
A. Yes, if you are a member, you get seashells regardless of whether you have an Isomara. If you draw/ write for the group, you can earn them.

Q. If I draw my Isomara as a human, will I get seashells?
A. You will get seashells if you depict your Isomara or companion species as a Human, a gijinka/kemonomimi, an anthropomorphic animal, or any other humanoid creature. You won't get seashells if you depict your character as any other species or animal unless a prompt, event, or other activity allows it.

Q. Can I earn seashells by drawing other members' characters?

A. Yes, this also includes NPCs. Please check permissions before drawing another member's Isomara.
You can see if another character is okay to draw/write about by viewing the icons on their master list page.

Q. Can I Earn Seashells For Having Other People Draw My Characters?
A. No, only the artist gets seashells for their art. If you draw someone's Isomara, that person will not get seashells, but you will.

Q. What if I make a comic/or multiple drawings on a single deviation? How will that be counted?
A. Each panel/drawing will be judged as if it is its own individual picture. Unless the panels are so similar.
Ex. If you do a five-panel stripe and all the backgrounds are simple, they might get clumped together and be counted as an advanced background.

Q. What if I do a YCH/ use a base for multiple pictures?
A. The first one will be counted, but anything more will not.

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