Hatching an Isomara Egg

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Hatching an Isomara Egg

Nurture the Egg

For an Isomara egg to hatch it will need to be cared for. Create an image or story of the egg being cared for with, at least one of its parents, if it has unknown parents the Daycare NPC's (Frio and/or Carmen) or any adult Isomara can be used (Ask for permission before using someone else's character). Depict the adult Isomara caring for the egg in some way (Warming egg, washing the egg, keeping a watchful eye the egg, etc.)

    - Art
 needs to be colored
    - Background and shading is optional 
    - Literature needs to be at least 200 words in length
You may not use the same art/literature that you used to adopt an egg from the Daycare

    Once you've completed the art/literature comment in the Import Edits journal to hatch your eggs (You can use an Incubation Quickener as a substitute for the art/lit requirement to hatch an Iso egg) 

You can choose to design the hatched Isoling yourself or have SlayersStronghold to design it for you. By choosing to design the Isoling yourself you will be given the rolled traits and a .psd file to the base which you can color. The Isoling base must be colored according to the palette and markings of your egg. Isolings designed yourself will be considered "MYOs" which means Isolings hatched from eggs are allowed one free redesign. 
    If you'd rather hire SlayersStronghold to design the Isoling it will cost $5 (500 Points or 1,000  seashell by catluvr2).

What do Isomara eggs look like and what will my Isoling look like when it hatches?

    Isomara come in all colors and markings and so do their eggs. When you receive your egg you will get a palette with its accurate colors and the theme title of the egg (This theme is often referred to as its "nickname" by the Daycare NPC's).
    Example: Theme - LunarSwirl
         [ARPG] Slay Egg Reimagined by SlayersStronghold
    Eggs reflect the colors and markings which will be on the Isoling inside. Traits, however, cannot be guessed by observing the egg. Traits are passed down from parents. Common traits such as the long tail and standard ears are more likely to pass if one or both parents have the traits. A cool aspect of traits in Isomara is that over time hybrid traits have appeared. For instance, the Scorpio tail is a hybrid between a puff and a long tail, so if one or both parents have a long or puff tail there is a slim chance the child could have a Scorpio tail.
    When designing your Isoling you may rely on your egg's theme, color palette, and markings shown to design it. You may add small amounts of white as a free color. An egg's design is rolled first based on color (Does it have colors from both parents, parent 1, parent 2, or neither parents). Then rolled for markings (From both parents, parent 1, parent 2, or neither) 

Passing Traits through Courtship

You can view the exact percentages for passing down certain traits here
 Note: Some areas and combinations are unfilled as that combination has not yet been discovered through community courtships

Standard x Duestrum Eggs have a 3 in 10 chance of hatching a Duestrum
Standard x Standard Eggs have a 1 in 10 chance of hatching a Duestrum
Duestrum x Duestrum Eggs have an 8 in 10 chance of hatching a Duestrum

Examples of Isoling Designs based on their Eggs:

434 - Willow by IsomaraIndex 434 - EGG by IsomaraIndex 429 - Nimbus by IsomaraIndex 429 - EGG by IsomaraIndex

428 - ??? by IsomaraIndex 428 - EGG by IsomaraIndex398 - ??? by IsomaraIndex 398 - Egg by IsomaraIndex
D026 - Stormjoy by IsomaraIndex D026 - EGG by IsomaraIndex367 - Spade by IsomaraIndex 366 - Egg by IsomaraIndex

Egg F.A.Q.

Q. How do I get an Isomara egg?
A. 1) Through courtship 2) Randomly through exploring or an event 3) Through adoption at The Daycare

Q. Is there a limit to the number of eggs I can own?
A. You cannot own more than five (5) eggs at a time.

Q. How big are Isomara eggs?
A. Isomara eggs are 6-8 inches in circumference (4-5 inches long) and weigh around 3-5 pounds. 

Q. If I hatch my egg can I add hair to my Isoling?
A. Yes, you can certainly add head hair to your Isloling.

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