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What is Crafting?

    Crafting is the process of combining or at times transforming/destroying items Isomara find through exploring into other more useful items. Crafting includes using many different items and quantities to create more interesting things that are more beneficial than their prior separate counterpart. 
    Isomara are very intelligent creatures and in the last few hundreds of years have learned the ability to craft and make tools. They can also prep food to make complex dishes filled with flavor. They love to learn and experiment and have developed a list, a memory bank of sorts, of items they have learned to make. They tell each other their discoveries and teach them how to craft, so the entire species can learn and pass on their knowledge to the new generation. 

    Most items can be crafted by any Isomara, however, there are some items which some Isomara cannot craft. Some Isomara are not able to craft as well as others. Talents vary from Isomara to Isomara. Isomara skilled in crafting will be able to craft more difficult recipes. Others who cannot seem to be able to craft very well might need the help of another Isomara or NPC. 

    The items made through crafting will be used to improve exploring by being able to find more of the items you need and want, some items that are crafted can be used to give a bonus in training. There will also be items for healing wounds inflicted by weather, and fauna found on and near the island and much more. 

How do I Craft?

    The first step in crafting is knowing the materials. The exploration journal lists all items an Isomara can find while out exploring. These are the basic items needed for various recipes. You can view all items in the game by browsing the gallery at IsomaraIndex 
    Make sure you know what items you own and how much you have. You can view your inventory and balance here.

    There are a few different shops on the island which you can go visit to craft items. Each shop specializes in their own set of crafting. The first shop, Pacings' Crafting Counter, is a general crafting station which can be used to craft anything except for accessories, odd items from Hasha's shop, and items using ores and metals. 
    Next, there is Carmen's Fabrication Station. Her crafting station is all about creating tools and accessories. You can go to her if you are looking make a backpack, a jacket, or even some sillier items like a coconut shell bra and hula grass skirt. She can make any accessory you can think of utilizing items found on the island! 
    Then there is Hasha's Hut, Hasha specializes in odd mystical concoctions that can alter your Isomara to your likings. Her items can be crafted or bought using seashell and sand dollars. 
    Out handy gallery of craftable items say which crafting station they can be made at, so always check up on that if you are lost on who to go to.

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What Can I Craft?

All craftable items can be located in this spreadsheet:

Isomara Crafting List

The list is always expanding, so always check back to see if any new recipes were discovered. IsomaraIndex will also list new craftable items in their journal updates.
(IsomaraIndex is also uploading items with their uses on their account)
Accessories are items not in the list above and if you want to learn how to make accessories for your Isomara head over to the Carmen's Fabrication Station.

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Crafting Stations

A list of Shops which can be all used to craft items. Different shops different crafting.

Pacings' Crafting Counter

Pacings' Crafting Counter

Pacings is the general shopkeeper for the island he not only sells items but runs a crafting station.
    The green flyer Isomara greets you with a simple wave. "I see you are here to make some new items, yes?" he stretches his arms. "I'm not the best craftsman, but I sure know how to make nearly any item you want me to make. What can I help you with today?" He awaits your request by going over his shop's stock. 
Crafting System Journal
Crafting Recipe List
Item Index
How it Works:
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     Carmen's Fabrication Station
Carmen's Fabrication Station

"My name is Carmen and I'm here to help you to make your ideas come to fruition," She wiggles her eyebrows. "To clarify I make clothes, hats, wraps, bags, all that is stylish." Carmen smiles and awaits your request.
 Carmen is a specialized craftsman making accessories (Custom & Official), equipment, and nearly anything you can equip and wear on your body. 


Crafting System Journal
     Hasha's Hut
Hasha's Hut
Knocking on the frame of the open front door you then lean over and look into the hut. The one window in the back was covered with palm fronds allowing near no light in. When you peer in you see a purple Isomara sitting at a stump. Her name is Hasha, she calls herself a witch doctor, one who delves into odd spiritual and divine magical aspects of life. A lot of the things she creates baffle most. You may think it's cool. You may think it's just plain weird, however, either way some of the things she creates are very useful to the species and the community.
"Hello?" You snap back into reality. You see Hasha looking at you confused. You walk in and sit at her stump across from her. You then inquire into the items Hasha has. She hands you a piece of parchment with a written menu with some scribbles.
     Charlotte's Iron Emporium
Charlotte's Iron Emporium
Only an insane Isomara would ever set up shop near an active volcano, but Charlotte is not insane, she is smart. Playing with fire (and lava) is dangerous and this is the only place she can do it without putting anyone but herself at risk. As you trek up the rugged path you spot a dark brown isomara with soot-covered fur and feathers busy away shoveling hot rocks off of a sizzling stone slab. You cannot tell if Charlotte saw you coming due to her thick goggles, but she does acknowledge you with a "Hi, just one moment, thanks!"
If you wish to craft/purchase items from Charlotte continue reading this journal
Want to craft other items then head over to 

Crafting F.A.Q.

Q. Can I suggest new craftable items?
A. Sure! We are always eager to hear suggestions. There is a comment below for suggestions.

Q. Will there be other ways to craft in the future?
A. Yes, there are plans for other NPC's to have their own specialty shop. There are also plans for Isomara being able to craft without the use of an NPC, but may be riskier and have its own pros and cons.

Questions/Help Journal
Isomara Group Directory


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