Carmen's Fabrication Station

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Carmens Crafting by SlayersStronghold
Carmen's Fabrication Station

"My name is Carmen and I'm here to help you to make your ideas come to fruition," She wiggles her eyebrows. "To clarify I make clothes, hats, wraps, bags, all that is stylish." Carmen smiles and awaits your request.

 Carmen is a specialized craftsman making accessories (Custom & Official), equipment, and nearly anything you can equip and wear on your body. 


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How it Works:

    Over the years the Isomara species have taken to making and wearing clothing and other accessories made from things found on the island. Nearly any type of accessory or clothing article can be made here. The steps below are for making a custom accessory if you are looking to make an official accessory or equipment comment in the Official Accessory/Equipment Crafting thread.

Custom Accessory Creation

Step 1: The Design

    If you can design loosely based on the items you find on the island then you can create it. However, some designs may not be plausible and if they don't make sense, then the design will need to be changed and adjusted.
    The ingredients needed depends on the design. If you design a simple white scarf you might only need x1 fabric, which can be crafted at Pacings' Crafting Station. But say you wanted a blue scarf then you would need perhaps x1 fabric and x1 simple dye.
    Now say you design a complex item such as a black jacket with yellow trimming and had a gold chain connecting the collar. It would need a lot more items for Carmen to create it.

Step 2: Getting a Quote

    Once the item has been designed upload it to your or DeviantArt directly. Make sure the item is identifiable and colored. It is preferred that you make multiple views of said item if there is details on multiple sides of the design.
    Then submit it as a link to the Request a Quote comment thread. Carmen will reply listing the items you need and the amount needed to craft such an item or she might say something along the lines of "You need to tweak or consider an alteration in this design..." in case she cannot create the item or has troubles envisioning it.
    Once your design has a quote you are then free to go exploring for the items you need or you can purchase all the materials you need from Pacing's Shop.
    Note: Carmen requires 20 seashells per item quote she gives (She's gotta feed all those isolings somehow).

Step 3: Accessory Creation

    Alright, you have the design, it's been quoted, and you have all the items you need. Then it's time to comment on the Custom Accessory Crafting thread and Carmen will make your item.
    Note: Custom accessories can only be scrapped for half of their original cost in seashells. Comment in the Custom Accessory Scrapping thread if you wish to break down a custom accessory.

Menu List

Listed are some equipment and official accessories along with what items are needed to make them.
Crafting/Buying equipment and official accessories thread here

Moss Cape 
Crafting Recipe(s):
    Moss x18 + Goom Goo x1

Hula Skirt - Equip and use in Training for +1 Stat Gain use with a coconut bra for +3 stat gain (must draw both in training)
Crafting Recipe(s):
    Tall Grass x49 + String x2 

Accessory Creation F.A.Q.

Q. I have an idea, but I'm not sure if it could work?
A. Ask! Get a quote below or ask in the Discord Chat or Help Journal whether your idea for an accessory might work.

Q. Can we make designs using equipment and/or official accessory items?
A. Yes, making combo official/custom accessory and equipment/custom accessories are completely allowed! These combo custom accessories will keep the perks of the official accessory/equipment. 

Official Custom Accessory Combo by SlayersStronghold

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Comment Here if you wish to craft an official accessory,equipment, or item from Carmen

Use this form -

Crafting: (What items and how many?)

Payment: Crafting or Buying?

Recipe: (If payment is Crafting list the recipe if the item has many ways to craft it, if Buying leave this area blank as Sand Dollars are used as payment)