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[CLOSED] The Lost Egg Fiasco Event

Tue Jul 12, 2016, 4:44 PM

Winner Announced Here!

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The Lost Egg Fiasco!

This an event for Isomara-Island 
You do not need an Isomara to join, but need to be in the group.
Make sure to read everything below.

Lost Egg Event by SlayersStronghold

From afar you notice a frantic blue Isomara running around the beach. He goes from Isomara to Isomara talking in a frenzy. He gets to you and spills the same information as he did to the rest. 
    "Hi, I'm Frio, I- um..." he stutters and takes a large breath.
    "I took an egg from the Daycare I help run to make sure it gets some fresh air and to also warm up, but I lost it in the jungle. I feel horrible right now and I desperately need help finding the egg! You see," He continues with no stop in sight. "My boss will kill me if I don't find this egg. I cannot let anything happen to it and I'm fearing the worst right now. Like what if a memic gets to it! Those heinous large mimicking beasts of birds. they'll eat it in one bite! Oh no! what am I to do! Please help me find the egg! I'll make it worth your while!" 

Before you can respond to his rant he runs offs. It looks like you have no choice, but to help him locate this lost egg. 

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Egg by BohemianBiverwackThe Lost Egg Fiasco!

           You do not need to own an Isomara to participate in this event!

        Start: July 12th, 2016
        End: July 20th, 2016 11:59 pm MST

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    (Read the above paragraph if you haven't)        
    Frio, the assistant at the Daycare lost a precious Isoling egg. He desperately needs help finding it.

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Information & Rules:

    Anyone can participate in this event. You may submit as many entries as you want, but you will only get one ticket into the end 1st place raffle.
    To participate you must send one or more Isomara into the jungle biome to look for the egg. You must either send your own Isomara out or if you do not own one you may send one of the NPC's listed below.
    You can send an Isoling out if you own one, but they must be with a parent, another Isomara you own, or Frio the NPC.

    By participating in the event it will be considered an exploration and you will also get rolls for the items, however, none of the entries will be rolled until the event ends, so we can roll who also found the egg.
    (Submit all pictures for this event into the explorations folder)

    If you do not own an Isomara you may participate, but must use one of the Isomara below:
049 - Frio {NPC} by IsomaraIndex001 - Slayer {NPC} by IsomaraIndex018 - Pacings {NPC} by IsomaraIndex

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   Egg by SlayersStronghold

1st Place: (Will be randomly rolled)
   (If you own three or more Isomara you will not be eligible for 1st place)
        - The Lost Egg 
        - 300 Seashells
        - +1 to both Fight and Flight stat for the Isomara that participated in the event (only one Isomara)
        - The exploration roll for the entry(ies)

All Participants:

    Everyone else who enters this event will receive-
           - 50 seashells
           - The exploration roll for the entry(ies)

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All Entries:
Isomara Event 2 by gavinom123 Isomara Event 1 by gavinom123Koko's Search for the Lost Egg! - Event Entry - by AmaJadeWolf Looks like someone had too much Vines by Nekoehh [Isomara] Where could it be?? by HiivernalLost Egg Lookout [Isomara Event] by Cocopet2Calling out from Scatman's world by JeLapin

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Isomara Group Directory

Isomaras are part of an ARPG! An ARPG is an Art Roleplaying Game. Check out the group for more information!

Left it open for a few more hours. Hopefully everyone got their entries in. Winner will be announced later today.
AmaJadeWolf Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
We have to draw our Isomara searching through a forest right? xD, just clearing it up for myself lmao. owo I will definutly enter!
SlayersStronghold Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2016  Student Digital Artist
AmaJadeWolf Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Changed xD lol
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